If the desired audio is not recorded, select the kind of audio for
“Select Audio Channel For DV Input” in the Setup menu ( 62).
[RAM] Programs are recorded as a single item; breaks in the
images create chapters.
Compatibility with video camcorders from other manufacturers is
not guaranteed.
It is not possible to operate the unit from the connected DV
The DV equipment name may not be shown correctly.
Date and time information is not recorded, even if displayed on the
The DV IN terminal is not meant to be connected to a computer.
This unit uses a 4-pin “DV IN” connector;
Your DV camcorder may use a 4-pin or 6-pin external connector.
Please consult your DV camcorder’s manufacturer to confi rm
correct external connection.
You cannot record discs and play discs simultaneously.
If video is copied from another piece of equipment to this unit,
then the video quality will be degraded.
Connect the cable while the power to both the unit and
the external device is off.
Front of the unit
4-pin DV Cable
[RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW]
Turn ON the DV equipment and
pause play where you want to
begin recording.
DV connection detected.
Record to DVD
DV camcorder connection
Start recording?
to select “Rec.”,
Recording from a DV Camcorder
When recording fi nishes
The confi rmation screen appears.
Press [OK] to fi nish DV camcorder recording.
To stop recording
Press [ STOP].
The confi rmation screen appears. Press [OK].
If the DV camcorder recording function does not work properly,
check the connections and DV equipment settings, and turn the
unit off and back on. If that does not work, follow the instructions
for “Recording from a VCR, etc.” ( 28).
Turn on the unit.
Insert a disc with enough remaining blank space.
[RAM] If the disc is protected, release protection
( 52).
When “DV camcorder connection” screen does not
After performing step 1 ( above).
1. Press [DRIVE SELECT] to select the DVD drive.
–External DV cannot be recorded to VHS.
2. With the unit stopped
3. Press [, ] to select “Other Functions” then press [OK].
4. Press [, ] to select “DV Camcorder Rec.” then press [OK].
You can proceed to step 4 ( right).
to select “Record to DVD” then
to select the recording
mode for the disc ( 24).
Advanced Features
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