Specifying the Recording Time
[RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] [VHS]
Digital broadcasts cannot be recorded to video tape.
This function allows specifying the length of recording
time up to 4 hours.
[RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW]
The unit sets the best possible picture quality that fi ts the
recording within the remaining disc space.
The recording mode becomes FR mode. Refer to “FR
(Flexible Recording)” ( 24).
Flexible Recording
With the unit stopped
F Rec
Flexible Recording
Start Cancel
Record in FR mode.
Set recording time
Max recording time 08 Hour 00 Min.
08 Hour 00 Min.
, to select “Hour” and “Min.”
and , to set the recording
When you want to start recording
, , , to select “Start”,
Recording starts.
This function does not work during scheduled recording or Flexible
Recording stops and the set time is cleared if you press [ STOP].
The unit turns off automatically when the time to stop recording is
reached as long as you do not operate the unit.
During recording
repeatedly until the desired time
is reached.
The recording time and the unit’s display changes
as follows:
Counter (Cancel) OFF 0:30 OFF 1:00
OFF 4:00 OFF 1:30
 OFF 3:00  OFF 2:00 
[RAM] Allows playback of a previous recording, while
recording something else.
Playing while you are recording
Chasing Playback
When recording to DVD-RAM
(at least 20 seconds after
recording starts).
If the “Status Messages” in the Setup menu is
set to “Automatic” ( 62), both “Play” and “Rec.”
indicators will be displayed on the status message
screen for several seconds.
Allows playback from the beginning of what you are recording.
Simultaneous Record and Playback
When recording to DVD-RAM
, , , to select the
recording to play, then
If the “Status Messages” in the Setup menu
is set to “Automatic” ( 62), both
“Play” and
indicators will be displayed on the status
message screen for several seconds.
You can play DVD or VHS while recording to the other
drive. The recording will not be affected
DVD playback ( 17)
VHS playback ( 17)
To exit the screen
Press [RETURN].
To stop recording partway
Press [ STOP].
To show the remaining recording time
Press [STATUS] to show the remaining recording time.
Remaining time
Rec. 0:59
CH 20
Advanced Recording
To stop play
Press [ STOP].
To exit the DIRECT NAVIGATOR screen
To stop recording
After play stops
1. Press [DIRECT NAVIGATOR] to exit the screen.
2. Press [ STOP].
To stop play
Press [ STOP] once.
To stop recording
Press [ STOP], at least 2 seconds after chasing playback stops.
During playing while you are recording, you cannot edit or delete
You cannot play a tape with the DVD PRIORITY output terminals
or HDMI AV OUT terminal while recording or making a scheduled
recording on a disc ( 70).
Closed captions will not appear during simultaneous recording and playback.
Use caution while operating the controls for playback. Pressing
[ STOP] when the recording device is selected will cancel the
recording in progress.
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