DVD Recording Modes and Estimated Disc Recording Time
Advanced Recording
EP (6H)^2
EP (8H)
Recording time
Picture quality
1 It is not possible to record or play continuously from one side of a
double sided disc to the other.
2 When “Recording Time in EP Mode” has been set to “EP−Extended
Play (6H)” in the Setup menu ( 60).
The sound quality is better when using “EP−Extended Play (6H)”
than when using “EP−Extended Play (8H)”.
3 Refer to “Recording to DVD-R DL and +R DL” ( 23).
VHS Recording Modes and Estimated Recording Time
This unit uses variable bit rate (VBR) recording which varies the
amount of data recorded to suit the images, so actual recording
times and remaining recording times shown by the unit will
be different. ([-R]DL] [+R]DL] The difference will be especially
noticeable.) Use a disc with plenty of remaining time to be sure.
When recording to DVD-RAM using EP (8H) mode, play may
not be possible on DVD players, even if they are compatible with
DVD-RAM. In this case use EP (6H) mode.
Maximum number of recordings recorded to a disc
[RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] 99 recordings on a disc
[+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] 49 recordings on a disc
A tape recorded in VP mode by the unit cannot be played
back by other VCRs.
It takes more time for automatic tracking to work when playing
tapes recorded with VP mode, and it may not work at all with
some tapes. Do tracking manually if this is the case ( 38).
If the image quality is important to you or if you wish to store the
tape for a long period, select “SP”.
The unit can play tapes recorded in LP mode on other equipment.
Scheduled recording
2nd program (60 min)
30 min at SP 15 min
at SP
45 min
at EP
Video tape (e.g.: 60-minute cassette)
1st program
(30 min)
It is not possible to automatically activate VP mode.
The tape length must be set correctly ( 66, Select Tape
Picture distortion may occur when SP switches to EP.
AUTO Mode may not function on some tapes.
Digital broadcasts cannot be recorded directly to video tape. To record
digital broadcasts, use an external connection to a set-top-box or other
equipment ( 28).
Mode Durations
SP You can record the length shown on
the tape.
EP 3 times the length of SP mode.
VP 5 times the length of SP mode.
Automatically switches the recording
mode to EP mode during a scheduled
recording if there is not enough tape
left to record the program in SP mode.
Recording Mode
+R, +RW
(4.7 GB)
+R DL3 (8.5 GB)
(4.7 GB)
(9.4 GB)
XP (High quality) 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 1 hour 45 minutes
SP (Standard play) 2 hours 4 hours 2 hours 3 hours 35 minutes
LP (Long play) 4 hours 8 hours 4 hours 7 hours 10 minutes
EP (Extra long play) 8 (62) hours 16 (122) hours 8 (62) hours 14 hours 20 minutes
(10 hours 45 minutes2)
(Flexible Recording) 8 hours maximum 8 hours maximum
for one side
8 hours
14 hours 20 minutes
FR (Flexible recording mode)
Using “Flexible Recording” is convenient in these kinds of situations:
When the amount of free space on the disc makes selecting an
appropriate recording mode diffi cult
When you want to record a long program with the best picture
quality possible
e.g., Recording a 90 minutes program to 4.7 GB DVD-RAM disc:
If you select XP mode, the program will not fi t on one disc.
A second disc is necessary for
30 minutes of the program.
4.7 GB
4.7 GB
4.7 GB
4.7 GB
If you select SP mode, the program will fi t on one disc.
However there will be 30 minutes
remaining disc space.
If you select “Flexible Recording” the program will fi t on one
disc perfectly.
You can set FR mode when programming scheduled recordings and
fl exible recording ( 26).
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