Copying Recordings (DVD VHS)
Turn on the television and select the appropriate video input to suit the
connections to this unit (Example: AV input, CH3 or CH4).
[VHS] Ensure accidental erasure tab is intact ( 15).
Insert a VHS tape with enough space for recording. Stop the tape at the
point where you want to start copying to.
Select the VHS recording mode ( 24).
Set “HDMI Output Display Aspect” to “Full” ( 65).
(The default setting is “Full”.)
Insert the disc containing the recording to be copied.
On the main unit
Press and hold for about 3 seconds.
COPY will appear in the unit’s display when the
copying process begins.
Copying automatically stops when playback of
the disc fi nishes or the tape reaches its end.
When copying doesn’t start, the
“COPYING” indicator on the main unit
blinks for about 7 seconds. Check if
the unit is properly prepared.
Additional navigation
You can begin the same kind of copy by using COPY Navigator. Use the operations listed
below instead of step shown above.
1. Press [FUNCTIONS].
2. Press [, ] to select “Copy” then press [OK].
COPY Navigator screen appears.
3. Press [, ] to select “DVD to VHS” then press [OK].
When you start copying from the selected recording
1. Press [DRIVE SELECT] to select the DVD drive.
[RAM] When the Album View screen is displayed, press [A] to switch to the Recordings
3. Press [, , , ] to select the recording you want to start, then press [OK].
4. Go to step “Copying Recordings (DVD VHS)” shown above.
Index signals are automatically recorded on the tape according to the division of recordings
on the DVD [ 37, VHS Index Search System (VISS)].
To cancel copying in the middle
Press [ STOP].
You can also press and hold [RETURN] for about 3 or more seconds to cancel copying in
the middle.
All recordings on the disc are automatically copied onto the tape.
If you start copying when the resume function is activated, the DVD is copied
from the beginning of the recording where you previously stopped.
To copy a whole disc, press [ STOP] to deactivate it before copying ( 17).
[RAM] [-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [-RW‹VR›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] [VHS]
Finalized discs or DVD-Video cannot be copied on this unit.
COPYING indicator
Icons such as “ [RAM] ” indicate usable
discs. Refer to pages 74 and 75.
Basic Operations
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