3-7ASUS LCD Monitor VA327 Series
• Volume: Adjusts the output volume level (VA327H).
• GamePlus: The GamePlus Function provides a toolkit and creates a
better gaming environment for users when playing different types of
games. Particularly,
function is specially designed for new
gamers or beginners interested in First Person Shooter (FPS) games.
To active GamePlus:
• Select ON to enter the GamePlus main menu.
• Press the Up and Down buttons to select
, Timer or display
• Press the Central button to confirm the functions you choose. Press
the left button to return, left, and exit.
GamePlus main
GamePlus-Crosshair GamePlus main-
Display Alignment
• ECO Mode: Activate the ecology mode for power saving.
• OSD Setup: Adjusts the OSD Timeout, DDC/CI, and Transparency of
the OSD screen.
• Language: Select OSD language. The selections are: English, French,
German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Poland, Czech, Croacia,
Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Simplified Chinese, Traditional
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Thai, and Indonesian.
• Key Lock: Disable all key functions. Press the key for more than 5
seconds to disable the key lock function.
• More: Return the next page of System Setting.
• Back: Return the previous page of System Setting.
• Information: Displays the monitor information.
• Power Indicator: Turn the power LED indicator on/off.
• Power Key Lock: To disable / enable power key.
• All Reset: Selects “Yes” to revert all settings to the factory default mode.
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