3-5ASUS LCD Monitor VA327 Series
4. Image
You can adjust the image Sharpness, Trace Free, Aspect Control,
VividPixel, ASCR, Position (VGA only), Focus (VGA only), and Auto
Adjust (VGA only), from this main function.
Aspect Control
Trace Free
Auto Adjust
Racing Mode VGA 1920x1080@60Hz
• Sharpness: Adjusts the picture sharpness. The adjusting range is from
0 to 100.
• Trace Free: Speeds up the response time by Over Drive technology. The
adjusting range is from lower 0 to faster 100.
• Aspect Control: Adjusts the aspect ratio to “Full”, “4:3”, “Overscan”.
• VividPixel: ASUS Exclusive Technology that brings lifelike visuals for
crystal-clear and detail-oriented enjoyment. The adjusting range is from
0 to 100.
• ASCR: Select ON or OFF to enable or disable dynamic contrast ratio
• Position: Adjusts the horizontal position (H-Position) and the vertical
position (V-Position) of the image. The adjusting range is from 0 to 100
(Only available for VGA input).
• Focus: Reduces Horizonal-line noise and Vertical-line noise of the image
by adjusting (Phase) and (Clock) separately. The adjusting range is from
0 to 100 (Only available for VGA input).
• Auto Adjust: Automatically adjust the image to its optimized position,
clock, and phase. (Only available for VGA input.)
• 4:3 is only available when input source is in 4:3 format.
• Phase adjusts the phase of the pixel clock signal. With a wrong phase
adjustment, the screen shows horizontal disturbances.
• Clock (pixel frequency) controls the number of pixels scanned by one
horizontal sweep. If the frequency is not correct, the screen shows vertical
stripes and the image is not proportional.
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