3-3ASUS LCD Monitor VA327 Series
2. Blue Light Filter
Adjust the energy level of blue light emitted from LED backlight.
Blue Light Filter
Level 0
Level 3
Level 4
Level 2
Level 1
Racing Mode VGA 1920x1080@60Hz
• Level 0: No change.
• Level 1~4: The higher the level,the more blue light will be reduced.
• When Blue Light Filter is activated,the default settings of Standard Mode will
be automatically imported.
• Between Level 1 to Level 3, the Brightness function is user-configurable.
• Level 4 is optimized setting. It is compliance with TUV Low Blue Light
Certification. The Brightness function is not user-configurable.
Please refer to the following to alleviate eye strains:
• Users should take some time away from the display if working for long hours.
It is advised to take short breaks (at least 5 mins) after around 1 hour of
continuous working at the computer. Taking short and frequent breaks is more
effective than a single longer break.
• To minimize eye strain and dryness in your eyes, users should rest the eye
periodically by focusing on objects that are far away.
• Eye exercises can help to reduces eye strain. Repeat these exercises often. If
eye strain continues please consult a physician. Eye exercises: (1) Repeating
look up and down (2) Slowly roll your eyes (3) Move your eyes diagonal.
• High energy blue light may lead to eye strain and AMD (Age-Related Macular
Degeneration). Blue light Filter to reduce 70% (max.) harmful blue light to
avoiding CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).
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