Important Information
Important Information
Battery Information
After your Panasonic batteries are fully charged (at 25 °C [77 °F]):
Operation Operating Time
While in use (Talk) Up to about 8 h (Voice Clarity: OFF)
Up to about 7 h (Voice Clarity: ON)
While not in use (Standby)
Up to about 168 h (when NOT using
CO Status Display)
Up to about 150 h (when using CO
Status Display)
 Operating time may be shorter than listed above depending on usage conditions
and ambient temperature.
 The handset can receive calls while charging.
 Battery consumption increases when the handset is used out of range ("No
Service" is displayed).
 Clean the handset and the charger contacts with a soft, dry cloth once
a month. Clean more often if the unit is subject to grease, dust or high
humidity. Otherwise the batteries may not charge properly.
Low Battery Warning
The batteries need to be charged in the following situations:
 " 1.
 "Charge Battery" is displayed. In this situation, the handset cannot be
1 If the low battery warning occurs during a conversation, the call will be
automatically disconnected one minute after the alarm sounds.
Replacing the Batteries
If " 
been fully charged, the batteries should be replaced.
If you replace the batteries before the low battery warnings appears, the battery
strength icon may display an incorrect reading. In this case, use the handset
as normal with the new batteries installed. To install the batteries, see "Battery
Installation" on page 5. When the low battery warning is displayed, charge the
batteries for about 7 hours. The battery strength icon will then display the correct
 
 There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced.
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