Troubleshooting and Error Messages
Problem Possible Cause Solution
• The CO Status
Display is
displayed as
"-" in standby
mode or when
a call as a
member of a
PS ring group.
• During
operation, the
CO Status
Display is
not displayed
such as being
displayed as
• The software version of
the PBX/CS/card does
not support this feature.
• The “CO Status Display
in Standby” setting on
the PBX is not enabled.
• The Single CO line
registered in the “Single
CO Appearance” setting
on the PBX is not valid.
• The “CO Status Disp
setting in “Setting
Handset” is set to
(See “Display Option”
on page 62.)
Consult your dealer.
In standby
mode, the status
of CO lines is
not displayed on
the soft keys.
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