Troubleshooting and Error Messages
Problem Possible Cause Solution
The handset
stops working
during operation.
try again.
(See "Battery Installation" on
page 5.)
You cannot use
the handset
during a power
The handset will not
function during a power
failure because the PBX
stops emitting radiowaves.
The headset
does not work.
A headset tone cannot be
heard when receiving an
incoming call when the
headset is attached.
• Make sure the headset
ringer setting is set to
"On". (See "Incoming
Option" on page 59.)
• Make sure the headset
jack is connected
properly. (See "Location of
Controls" on page 8.)
Noise is
frequently heard.
• Place the handset and CS
away from other electrical
• Move closer to the CS.
Two short beeps
are heard during
a conversation.
The radio signal is weak. Move closer to the CS.
You charged
the batteries
for 7 hours, but
the beep tones
sound, and
lashes (needs to
be charged) after
a few telephone
The battery charge
contacts may be dirty.
Clean the battery charge
contacts without damaging
them and charge once more.
It is time to change the
Replace with new batteries.
While charging
the batteries, the
handset and the
AC adaptor feel
These are normal
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