Using the Handset Phonebook
Entering Characters
You can enter characters and digits using the dialing keys.
You can select one of 3 character modes by pressing the Right
Soft Key while entering a name. The function icon above the soft
key displays the current character mode.
For available characters, see "Character Mode Table" (page 51).
A, a
B, b
C, c
To change the character mode while editing a name in the Phonebook, press the
right soft key.
Alphabetic Numeric Extended
Example: To enter "Anne" in Alphabet Mode.
• To switch between uppercase and lowercase, press .
• To enter a character located on the same dialing key as the previous character,
move the cursor by pressing the Navigator Key , then enter the desired
• If you enter a different character by mistake, press the Navigator Key or to
highlight the character, press to delete it, then enter the correct character.
• To clear an entire line, press for more than 1 second.
• To move the cursor, press the Navigator Key , , or .
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