automatically. In this case, please note that privacy rights may be violated or
sensitive information may be transmitted to unauthorized parties.
• You can select the ringer and vibrate pattern for each type of incoming call. (See
"Incoming Option" on page 59.)
• For more information, refer to the user documentation for your PBX.
Caller ID
If an outside call that contains Caller ID information (a caller’s name and telephone
number) is received, this information will be logged in the incoming call log and
displayed on the handset in one of the two following ways:
If the caller’s information is stored in the PBX or in the handset, that information
can be displayed.
• If information is stored in both the PBX and in the handset for the same caller, you
can choose which information will be displayed on the handset. Caller information
stored in the PBX is displayed by default. (See "Display Option" on page 62.) If
you set the handset to display the caller information stored in the handset, caller
information stored in the PBX will only be displayed if the caller information is not
stored in the handset.
• The caller information can be displayed even if a line access number, CO line
number, or "P" (Pause) is stored in the Phonebook. (See "Other Option" on
page 64.)
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