Before Operating the Handset
Function Keys
Handset functions can be activated through the display key list.
Press (the center soft key) to display the function key list.
1: Voice Clarity
Reduces background noise to make voice communication
2: Phonebook
Makes a call using the PBX/EXT/Handset Phonebook.
3: Call Log
Makes a call using the Incoming/Outgoing Call Log.
4: Mute/Auto Answer
Turns the microphone mute feature on or off during a
"A.Ans" is displayed in standby mode.
5: Conference
6: Message
Refers to the message left on your handset or calls back the
message sender.
7: Fwd/DND
Displays and/or sets Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb.
8: Pause
Inserts a dialing pause.
9: Memo Alarm
Accesses the "Memo Alarm" settings.
0: Setting
Enters Setting Handset mode or PBX Personal Programming
: Silent
Turns Silent Mode on or off.
: Volume
Adjusts the ringer volume in standby mode, and adjusts the
Receiver/Speaker/Headset volume during a conversation.
• For PBX Personal Programming, refer to the user documentation for your PBX.
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