Before Operating the Handset
Silent Mode
Silent Mode turns off the ringer and sets the handset to vibrate *1 when calls are
received. This can be useful in situations where you do not want to be disturbed,
such as during a meeting.
Press for more than 2 seconds to
set/cancel the Silent Mode.
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Silent Mode
When Silent Mode is active, the microphone’s sensitivity is increased, and the
following features are turned off automatically, regardless of their settings.
Ringer Volume
Ring On Charger
Auto Answer
Key Tone
Range Alarm
Low Battery Alarm
• If you set the handset on the charger during Silent Mode, the handset will not
vibrate. *2
*1 ThevibratefeatureisavailableonlyfortheKX-WT126.
*2 Please note that if you set the handset on the charger while receiving an incoming
call, vibration will stop. Once the vibration stops, the handset will not vibrate again
for that call, even if the handset is lifted up again. (If Quick Answer is set, lifting up
the handset will answer the call.)
Advanced Voice Clarity
When this feature is enabled, clear conversation is provided on both the sending
side and the receiving side. It is useful in noisy environments such as warehouses,
manufacturing plants, restaurants, and garages.
Press the
center soft
Press the
center soft
Select "On".*1 Press the
center soft
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