3-10 Chapter 3: General Instruction
• OSD Setup: Adjusts the OSD Timeout, DDC/CI, and Transparency of
the OSD screen.
• DisplayPort Stream: Compatibility with graphic card. Select DP 1.1 or
DP 1.2 by graphic card DP version. (3840x2160-60Hz is available at DP
1.2 only. The best resolution is 3840x2160-30Hz at DP 1.1). Follow the
instructions below to change 4K2K, 30Hz to 4K2K, 60Hz on your PC: In
Windows, right click the desktop and enter the Screen Resolution. Go to
Advanced Settings, and set the refresh rate to 60Hz from 30Hz.
• Language: Select OSD language. The selections are: English, French,
German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Thai, Indonesian, Poland,
Turkey, Portugal, Czech, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Korean.
• Key Lock: Disable all key functions. Pressing the second button on the
right for more than five seconds to disable key lock function.
• Information: Displays the monitor information.
• More: Return the next page of System Setting.
• Back: Return the previous page of System Setting.
• Power Indicator: Turn the power LED indicator on/off.
• Power Key Lock: To disable / enable power key
• All Reset: Selects “Yes” to revert all settings to the factory default mode.
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