The folloаing eбplanations are based on a smartphoneέ
1Turn this sвstem onέ
2Press ДRAϊIτ, EXTάIσ] on the remote control
repeatedlв to select “σETWτRK”έ
3To enter “SETTIσύ” mode
1 Press ДSETUP] on the remote control repeatedlв to
select “σET SETUP” and then press ДτK]έ
βPress Д2,1] on the remote control to select
“εAσUAδ” and then press ДτK]έ
γPress Д2,1] on the remote control to select
“τKς YES” and then press ДτK]έ
After pressing ДτK] to confirm “τKς YES”, the
previous netаork connection вou have set аith this
unit аill be clearedέ
Alternativelв, аhile pressing and holding doаn Д<] on
the unit, press and hold doаn Д1ή;] on the unit for at
least 4 secondsέ
“SETTIσύ” blinks on the displaвέ
4ύo to Wiάόi settings on вour compatible deviceέ
5Select “ώω1ίβί ฀฀฀฀฀_AJ” to connect to this
” stands for a character that is unique to each setέ
This can take up to 1 minute to appear in вour Wiάόi listέ
If this operation does not аork correctlв, please repeat it
several timesέ
εake sure that ϊώωP is enabled for the netаork setting
on вour compatible deviceέ
About the network setting pageμ
iτS deviceμ The settings page аill be automaticallв
displaвed in the Internet broаserέ
Eбcept the iτS deviceμ Sаipe doаn the device's
notification bar to check for "Sign in to Wiάόi netаork"
notification and tap on it to displaв the settings pageέ
If there is no notification, open the Internet broаser and
refresh the page to displaв the settings pageέ If the
settings page is not displaвed, tвpe
"httpμήή1ιβέ1λέ4βέ1ή" into the URδ address fieldέ
6Tвpe a device name and then select “σeбt”έ
The device name аill be displaвed as this sвstem’s
name on the netаorkέ
εaбimum characters that can be shoаnμ γβ
Emoji characters are not supportedέ
The device name is set аhen “σeбt” is selectedέ
You can also change the device name after the netаork
connection is set upέ (l11, “To make netаorkάrelated
Select вour netаork name (SSIϊ) and tвpe the passаordέ
ωheck the аireless router for the netаork name (SSIϊ)
and the passаordέ
A list of netаork names (SSIϊs) аill be appeared аhen
вou select the “σetаork σame” boбέ
To shoа the characters tвped in the “Passаord” boб,
select “Shoа Passаord”έ
If вour netаork requires specific settings, deselect
“ϊώωP” to disable ϊώωPέ
You can use specific IP address, subnet mask,
default gateаaв, primarв ϊσS, etcέ
To update the netаork name (SSIϊ) list, select “Refresh
κSelect “ωonnect” to applв the settingsέ
τn the unit’s displaв, “SUωωESS” appears аhen the
connection is establishedέ (The netаork indicator (l4)
lights upέ)
If “όAIδ” is displaвed press ДτK], check the netаork
name (SSIϊ) and the passаord, and then trв the
setting againέ
ϊepending on the device, the connection complete
screen maв not be displaвedέ
λεake sure to connect вour compatible device back
to вour home аireless netаorkέ
Enable Java and ωookies in вour broаser settingsέ
Method 2μ
Using an Internet browser
Settings Wiάόi settings
Refresh list
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