Network settings
You can stream music from an iτS device (iPhoneή
iPadήiPod), an Android device or a Pω (Windoаs) to
this sвstem’s speakers bв using the Qualcomm®
AllPlaв smart media platformέ To use these features,
this sвstem must join the same netаork as the
compatible deviceέ
Qualcomm® AllPlaв is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Incέ
Please update the sвstem’s firmаare after the
netаork settings are completeέ (lββ)
Choose a network setting method from the
The setting аill be cancelled after the set time limitέ In that
case, trв the setting againέ
To cancel this setting in the middle, press Д
This sвstem has builtάin Wiάόi® and can be connected
to a аireless routerέ
Place this sвstem as close to the аireless router as
ϊo not connect a δAσ cableέ ϊoing so аill disable
the Wiάόi® functionέ
You can also refer to the supplied “Wiάόi® QUIωK
1ϊoаnload the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming”
(free of charge) on вour smartphoneήtabletέ
(Alаaвs use the latest version of the appέ)
[iOS] μ App Store
[Android] μ ύoogle Plaв
2Start the app and folloа the onάscreen
3ωheck that the connection has completedέ
τn the unit’s displaв, “SUωωESS” appears аhen the
connection is establishedέ (The netаork indicator (l4)
lights upέ)
If “όAIδ” is displaвed press ДτK], check the netаork
name (SSIϊ) and the passаord, and then trв the
setting againέ
Wireless LAN connection
Method 1μ “Using the app “Panasonic Music
Streaming”” (lright)
You can make the аireless netаork settings аith
the app, “Panasonic εusic Streaming” (free of
Method 2μ “Using an Internet browser” (lλ)
You can access this unit’s netаork settings from
the Internet broаser on вour smartphone or Pω,
Method 3μ “Using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected
SetupTM)” (l10)
If вour аireless router supports WPS, вou can set
up a connection bв either pressing the WPS
button, or entering the WPS PIσ codeέ
Wired LAN connection
Method 4μ “Using a LAN cable” (l10)
You can make a stable connection to the netаork
аith a δAσ cableέ
Wireless LAN connection
Method 1μ
Using the app “Panasonic Music Streaming”
The operations and onάscreen displaв items, etcέ of
the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming” are subject to
όor the latest information, visit
(This site is in English onlвέ)
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