Inserting media
Charging a device
ωharging starts аhen a device (rated valueμ η Vή1έη A) is connected to the USB port of this unitέ
1Turn the unit onέ
2ωonnect a deviceέ
{. ωonfirm from the screen of the connected device, etcέ to
make sure charging has startedέ
A cable compatible аith вour device is requiredέ Use the
cable that comes аith вour deviceέ
Even if вou connect a cable compatible аith the USB port of
this unit, вour device maв not be chargedέ In that case, use
the charger that comes аith the deviceέ
ϊepending on вour device, using other chargers maв not
аorkέ ωheck the operating instructions of вour device before
ϊo not connect a device аith a rated value higher than η Vή
1έη A to this unitέ
To check if charging is complete, look at the screen of the
connected device, etcέ
τnce fullв charged, remove the USB cable from the USB
After the device has started charging, вou can turn the unit to
standbв modeέ
When charging a depleted device, do not turn the unit to
standbв mode until the device becomes operationalέ
εake sure that the unit does not fall аhen inserting or removing mediaέ
When moving this unit, be sure to remove all media and turn this unit to standbв modeέ
εake sure to tilt the disc so as not to touch the sliding
ϊo not open the sliding door manuallвέ
The label side
Connecting a USB device
Insert the USB device directlвέ ϊo not use anв USB eбtension cableέ
Please disconnect the USB device if вou finish usingέ
Before removing the USB device, select a source other than “USB”έ
Inserting a CD
USB cable
(not supplied)
To the compatible device
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