Tape the antenna to a аall or column in a position аith the least amount of interferenceέ
If radio reception is poor, use a ϊAB outdoor antenna (not supplied)έ
1ωonnect an eбternal music device using an audio
cable (not supplied)έ
Plug tвpeμ γέη mm stereo
2Press ДRAϊIτ, EXTάIσ] repeatedlв to select “AUX”
and start plaвback on the connected deviceέ
To select the sound input level of the
external device
1While in AUX mode, press ДSτUσϊ] repeatedlв to
select “IσPUT δEVEδ”έ
βPress Д2,1] to select “στRεAδ” or “ώIύώ” and
then press ДτK]έ
The factorв default is “στRεAδ”έ
To improve sound distortion аhen “ώIύώ” is selected, select “στRεAδ”έ
Sаitch the equaliгer off or turn the volume of the eбternal device doаn to reduce the input signalέ ώigh level of input signal аill
distort the soundέ
όor details, refer to the operating instructions of the deviceέ
Connect an external music device
Connect the antenna.
This unit can receive ϊABήϊAB+ and όε stations
аith the ϊAB antennaέ
Adhesive tape (not supplied)
ϊAB indoor antenna
Be sure to
tighten the nut
To a mains socket
Aω mains lead (supplied)
Connect the AC mains lead after all other connections are completed.
This unit consumes a small amount of Aω poаer (lβλ) even аhen turned offέ
In the interest of energв conservation, if вou аill not be using this unit for an eбtended period of time,
unplug it from the mains socketέ
Some settings аill be lost after вou disconnect the sвstemέ You have to set them againέ
Audio cable
(not supplied)
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