For the United Kingdom and Ireland customers
Sales and Support Information
ωustomer ωommunications ωentre
όor customers аithin the UKμ ίγ44 κ44 γκλλ
όor customers аithin Irelandμ ί1 βκλ κγγγ
εondaв–όridaв λμίί am ά ημίί pm
(Eбcluding public holidaвs)έ
όor further support on вour product, please visit our аebsiteμ аааέpanasonicέcoέuk
ϊirect Sales at Panasonic UK
τrder accessorв and consumable items for вour product аith ease and confidence bв phoning our
ωustomer ωommunications ωentre
εondaв–όridaв λμίί am ά ημίί pm
(Eбcluding public holidaвs)έ
τr go on line through our Internet Accessorв ordering application at аааέpasάeuropeέcomέ
εost major credit and debit cards acceptedέ
All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directlв bв Panasonic UKέ
It couldn’t be simpler!
Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a аide range of finished productsέ Take a
broаse on our аebsite for further detailsέ
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Manufactured by:
Importer for Europe:
Panasonic Corporation
Kadoma, Osaka, Japan
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Panasonic Testing Centre
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
Panasonic Corporation
Web Siteμ httpμήήаааέpanasonicέcom p
C Panasonic ωorporation βί1θ TQBJίλκ1ά1
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