These requirements applв to the modified аork as a аholeέ If identifiable sections
of that аork are not derived from the δibrarв, and can be reasonablв considered
independent and separate аorks in themselves, then this δicense, and its terms,
do not applв to those sections аhen вou distribute them as separate аorksέ But
аhen вou distribute the same sections as part of a аhole аhich is a аork based on
the δibrarв, the distribution of the аhole must be on the terms of this δicense,
аhose permissions for other licensees eбtend to the entire аhole, and thus to each
and everв part regardless of аho аrote itέ
Thus, it is not the intent of this section to claim rights or contest вour rights to аork
аritten entirelв bв вouν rather, the intent is to eбercise the right to control the
distribution of derivative or collective аorks based on the δibrarвέ
In addition, mere aggregation of another аork not based on the δibrarв аith the
δibrarв (or аith a аork based on the δibrarв) on a volume of a storage or
distribution medium does not bring the other аork under the scope of this δicenseέ
γέ You maв opt to applв the terms of the ordinarв ύσU ύeneral Public δicense
instead of this δicense to a given copв of the δibrarвέ To do this, вou must alter all
the notices that refer to this δicense, so that theв refer to the ordinarв ύσU
ύeneral Public δicense, version β, instead of to this δicenseέ (If a neаer version
than version β of the ordinarв ύσU ύeneral Public δicense has appeared, then
вou can specifв that version instead if вou аishέ) ϊo not make anв other change in
these noticesέ
τnce this change is made in a given copв, it is irreversible for that copв, so the
ordinarв ύσU ύeneral Public δicense applies to all subsequent copies and
derivative аorks made from that copвέ
This option is useful аhen вou аish to copв part of the code of the δibrarв into a
program that is not a librarвέ
4έ You maв copв and distribute the δibrarв (or a portion or derivative of it, under
Section β) in object code or eбecutable form under the terms of Sections 1 and β
above provided that вou accompanв it аith the complete corresponding
machineάreadable source code, аhich must be distributed under the terms of
Sections 1 and β above on a medium customarilв used for softаare interchangeέ
If distribution of object code is made bв offering access to copв from a designated
place, then offering equivalent access to copв the source code from the same
place satisfies the requirement to distribute the source code, even though third
parties are not compelled to copв the source along аith the object codeέ
ηέ A program that contains no derivative of anв portion of the δibrarв, but is
designed to аork аith the δibrarв bв being compiled or linked аith it, is called a
"аork that uses the δibrarв"έ Such a аork, in isolation, is not a derivative аork of
the δibrarв, and therefore falls outside the scope of this δicenseέ
ώoаever, linking a "аork that uses the δibrarв" аith the δibrarв creates an
eбecutable that is a derivative of the δibrarв (because it contains portions of the
δibrarв), rather than a "аork that uses the librarв"έ The eбecutable is therefore
covered bв this δicenseέ
Section θ states terms for distribution of such eбecutablesέ
When a "аork that uses the δibrarв" uses material from a header file that is part of
the δibrarв, the object code for the аork maв be a derivative аork of the δibrarв
even though the source code is notέ
Whether this is true is especiallв significant if the аork can be linked аithout the
δibrarв, or if the аork is itself a librarвέ The threshold for this to be true is not
preciselв defined bв laаέ
If such an object file uses onlв numerical parameters, data structure laвouts and
accessors, and small macros and small inline functions (ten lines or less in length),
then the use of the object file is unrestricted, regardless of аhether it is legallв a
derivative аorkέ (Eбecutables containing this object code plus portions of the
δibrarв аill still fall under Section θέ)
τtherаise, if the аork is a derivative of the δibrarв, вou maв distribute the object
code for the аork under the terms of Section θέ
Anв eбecutables containing that аork also fall under Section θ, аhether or not theв
are linked directlв аith the δibrarв itselfέ
θέ As an eбception to the Sections above, вou maв also combine or link a "аork
that uses the δibrarв" аith the δibrarв to produce a аork containing portions of the
δibrarв, and distribute that аork under terms of вour choice, provided that the
terms permit modification of the аork for the customer's oаn use and reverse
engineering for debugging such modificationsέ
You must give prominent notice аith each copв of the аork that the δibrarв is
used in it and that the δibrarв and its use are covered bв this δicenseέ You must
supplв a copв of this δicenseέ If the аork during eбecution displaвs copвright
notices, вou must include the copвright notice for the δibrarв among them, as аell
as a reference directing the user to the copв of this δicenseέ Also, вou must do
one of these thingsμ
a) Accompanв the аork аith the complete corresponding machineάreadable
source code for the δibrarв including аhatever changes аere used in the аork
(аhich must be distributed under Sections 1 and β above)ν and, if the аork is an
eбecutable linked аith the δibrarв, аith the complete machineάreadable "аork
that uses the δibrarв", as object code andήor source code, so that the user can
modifв the δibrarв and then relink to produce a modified eбecutable containing
the modified δibrarвέ (It is understood that the user аho changes the contents of
definitions files in the δibrarв аill not necessarilв be able to recompile the
application to use the modified definitionsέ)
b) Use a suitable shared librarв mechanism for linking аith the δibrarвέ
A suitable mechanism is one that (1) uses at run time a copв of the librarв
alreadв present on the user's computer sвstem, rather than copвing librarв
functions into the eбecutable, and (β) аill operate properlв аith a modified
version of the librarв, if the user installs one, as long as the modified version is
interfaceάcompatible аith the version that the аork аas made аithέ
c) Accompanв the аork аith a аritten offer, valid for at least three вears, to give
the same user the materials specified in Subsection θa, above, for a charge no
more than the cost of performing this distributionέ
d) If distribution of the аork is made bв offering access to copв from a
designated place, offer equivalent access to copв the above specified materials
from the same placeέ
e) Verifв that the user has alreadв received a copв of these materials or that вou
have alreadв sent this user a copвέ
όor an eбecutable, the required form of the "аork that uses the δibrarв" must
include anв data and utilitв programs needed for reproducing the eбecutable from
itέ ώoаever, as a special eбception, the materials to be distributed need not
include anвthing that is normallв distributed (in either source or binarв form) аith
the major components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating sвstem on
аhich the eбecutable runs, unless that component itself accompanies the
It maв happen that this requirement contradicts the license restrictions of other
proprietarв libraries that do not normallв accompanв the operating sвstemέ Such a
contradiction means вou cannot use both them and the δibrarв together in an
eбecutable that вou distributeέ
ιέ You maв place librarв facilities that are a аork based on the δibrarв
sideάbвάside in a single librarв together аith other librarв facilities not covered bв
this δicense, and distribute such a combined librarв, provided that the separate
distribution of the аork based on the δibrarв and of the other librarв facilities is
otherаise permitted, and provided that вou do these tаo thingsμ
a) Accompanв the combined librarв аith a copв of the same аork based on the
δibrarв, uncombined аith anв other librarв facilitiesέ This must be distributed
under the terms of the Sections aboveέ
b) ύive prominent notice аith the combined librarв of the fact that part of it is a
аork based on the δibrarв, and eбplaining аhere to find the accompanвing
uncombined form of the same аorkέ
κέ You maв not copв, modifв, sublicense, link аith, or distribute the δibrarв eбcept
as eбpresslв provided under this δicenseέ Anв attempt otherаise to copв, modifв,
sublicense, link аith, or distribute the δibrarв is void, and аill automaticallв
terminate вour rights under this δicenseέ ώoаever, parties аho have received
copies, or rights, from вou under this δicense аill not have their licenses
terminated so long as such parties remain in full complianceέ
λέ You are not required to accept this δicense, since вou have not signed itέ
ώoаever, nothing else grants вou permission to modifв or distribute the δibrarв or
its derivative аorksέ These actions are prohibited bв laа if вou do not accept this
δicenseέ Therefore, bв modifвing or distributing the δibrarв (or anв аork based on
the δibrarв), вou indicate вour acceptance of this δicense to do so, and all its terms
and conditions for copвing, distributing or modifвing the δibrarв or аorks based on
1ίέ Each time вou redistribute the δibrarв (or anв аork based on the δibrarв), the
recipient automaticallв receives a license from the original licensor to copв,
distribute, link аith or modifв the δibrarв subject to these terms and conditionsέ
You maв not impose anв further restrictions on the recipients' eбercise of the rights
granted hereinέ
You are not responsible for enforcing compliance bв third parties аith this δicenseέ
11έ If, as a consequence of a court judgment or allegation of patent infringement
or for anв other reason (not limited to patent issues), conditions are imposed on
вou (аhether bв court order, agreement or otherаise) that contradict the conditions
of this δicense, theв do not eбcuse вou from the conditions of this δicenseέ If вou
cannot distribute so as to satisfв simultaneouslв вour obligations under this
δicense and anв other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence вou maв not
distribute the δibrarв at allέ όor eбample, if a patent license аould not permit
roвaltвάfree redistribution of the δibrarв bв all those аho receive copies directlв or
indirectlв through вou, then the onlв аaв вou could satisfв both it and this δicense
аould be to refrain entirelв from distribution of the δibrarвέ
If anв portion of this section is held invalid or unenforceable under anв particular
circumstance, the balance of the section is intended to applв, and the section as a
аhole is intended to applв in other circumstancesέ
It is not the purpose of this section to induce вou to infringe anв patents or other
propertв right claims or to contest validitв of anв such claimsν this section has the
sole purpose of protecting the integritв of the free softаare distribution sвstem
аhich is implemented bв public license practicesέ εanв people have made
generous contributions to the аide range of softаare distributed through that
sвstem in reliance on consistent application of that sвstemν it is up to the authorή
donor to decide if he or she is аilling to distribute softаare through anв other
sвstem and a licensee cannot impose that choiceέ
This section is intended to make thoroughlв clear аhat is believed to be a
consequence of the rest of this δicenseέ
1βέ If the distribution andήor use of the δibrarв is restricted in certain countries
either bв patents or bв copвrighted interfaces, the original copвright holder аho
places the δibrarв under this δicense maв add an eбplicit geographical distribution
limitation eбcluding those countries, so that distribution is permitted onlв in or
among countries not thus eбcludedέ In such case, this δicense incorporates the
limitation as if аritten in the bodв of this δicenseέ
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