Software Licenses
This product incorporates the folloаing softаareμ
(1) the softаare developed independentlв bв or for Panasonic ωorporation,
(β) the softаare oаned bв third partв and licensed to Panasonic ωorporation,
(γ) the softаare licensed under the ύσU ύeneral Public δicense, Version βέί (ύPδ
(4) the softаare licensed under the ύσU δESSER ύeneral Public δicense, Version
βέ1 (δύPδ Vβέ1), andήor
(η) open source softаare other than the softаare licensed under the ύPδ Vβέί
andήor δύPδ Vβέ1έ
The softаare categoriгed as (γ) ά (η) are distributed in the hope that it аill be
useful, but WITώτUT AσY WARRAσTY, аithout even the implied аarrantв of
At least three (γ) вears from deliverв of this product, Panasonic аill give to anв
third partв аho contacts us at the contact information provided beloа, for a charge
no more than our cost of phвsicallв performing source code distribution, a
complete machineάreadable copв of the corresponding source code covered under
ύPδ Vβέί, δύPδ Vβέ1 or the other licenses аith the obligation to do so, as аell as
the respective copвright notice thereofέ
ωontact Informationμ
The source code and the copвright notice are also available for free in our аebsite
Version βέ1, όebruarв 1λλλ
ωopвright (ω) 1λλ1, 1λλλ όree Softаare όoundation, Incέ
η1 όranklin Street, όifth όloor, Boston, εA ίβ11ίά1γί1 USA
Everвone is permitted to copв and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not alloаedέ
ДThis is the first released version of the δesser ύPδέ It also counts as the
successor of the ύσU δibrarв Public δicense, version β, hence the version number
The licenses for most softаare are designed to take aаaв вour freedom to share
and change itέ Bв contrast, the ύσU ύeneral Public δicenses are intended to
guarantee вour freedom to share and change free softаareάάto make sure the
softаare is free for all its usersέ
This license, the δesser ύeneral Public δicense, applies to some speciallв
designated softаare packagesάάtвpicallв librariesάάof the όree Softаare όoundation
and other authors аho decide to use itέ You can use it too, but аe suggest вou first
think carefullв about аhether this license or the ordinarв ύeneral Public δicense is
the better strategв to use in anв particular case, based on the eбplanations beloаέ
When аe speak of free softаare, аe are referring to freedom of use, not priceέ
τur ύeneral Public δicenses are designed to make sure that вou have the
freedom to distribute copies of free softаare (and charge for this service if вou
аish)ν that вou receive source code or can get it if вou аant itν that вou can change
the softаare and use pieces of it in neа free programsν and that вou are informed
that вou can do these thingsέ
To protect вour rights, аe need to make restrictions that forbid distributors to denв
вou these rights or to ask вou to surrender these rightsέ These restrictions
translate to certain responsibilities for вou if вou distribute copies of the librarв or if
вou modifв itέ
όor eбample, if вou distribute copies of the librarв, аhether gratis or for a fee, вou
must give the recipients all the rights that аe gave вouέ You must make sure that
theв, too, receive or can get the source codeέ If вou link other code аith the librarв,
вou must provide complete object files to the recipients, so that theв can relink
them аith the librarв after making changes to the librarв and recompiling itέ And
вou must shoа them these terms so theв knoа their rightsέ
We protect вour rights аith a tаoάstep methodμ (1) аe copвright the librarв, and
(β) аe offer вou this license, аhich gives вou legal permission to copв, distribute
andήor modifв the librarвέ
To protect each distributor, аe аant to make it verв clear that there is no аarrantв
for the free librarвέ Also, if the librarв is modified bв someone else and passed on,
the recipients should knoа that аhat theв have is not the original version, so that
the original author's reputation аill not be affected bв problems that might be
introduced bв othersέ
όinallв, softаare patents pose a constant threat to the eбistence of anв free
programέ We аish to make sure that a companв cannot effectivelв restrict the
users of a free program bв obtaining a restrictive license from a patent holderέ
Therefore, аe insist that anв patent license obtained for a version of the librarв
must be consistent аith the full freedom of use specified in this licenseέ
εost ύσU softаare, including some libraries, is covered bв the ordinarв ύσU
ύeneral Public δicenseέ This license, the ύσU δesser ύeneral Public δicense,
applies to certain designated libraries, and is quite different from the ordinarв
ύeneral Public δicenseέ We use this license for certain libraries in order to permit
linking those libraries into nonάfree programsέ
When a program is linked аith a librarв, аhether staticallв or using a shared
librarв, the combination of the tаo is legallв speaking a combined аork, a
derivative of the original librarвέ The ordinarв ύeneral Public δicense therefore
permits such linking onlв if the entire combination fits its criteria of freedomέ The
δesser ύeneral Public δicense permits more laб criteria for linking other code аith
the librarвέ
We call this license the "δesser" ύeneral Public δicense because it does δess to
protect the user's freedom than the ordinarв ύeneral Public δicenseέ It also
provides other free softаare developers δess of an advantage over competing
nonάfree programsέ These disadvantages are the reason аe use the ordinarв
ύeneral Public δicense for manв librariesέ ώoаever, the δesser license provides
advantages in certain special circumstancesέ
όor eбample, on rare occasions, there maв be a special need to encourage the
аidest possible use of a certain librarв, so that it becomes a deάfacto standardέ To
achieve this, nonάfree programs must be alloаed to use the librarвέ A more
frequent case is that a free librarв does the same job as аidelв used nonάfree
librariesέ In this case, there is little to gain bв limiting the free librarв to free
softаare onlв, so аe use the δesser ύeneral Public δicenseέ
In other cases, permission to use a particular librarв in nonάfree programs
enables a greater number of people to use a large bodв of free softаareέ όor
eбample, permission to use the ύσU ω δibrarв in nonάfree programs enables
manв more people to use the аhole ύσU operating sвstem, as аell as its variant,
the ύσUήδinuб operating sвstemέ
Although the δesser ύeneral Public δicense is δess protective of the users'
freedom, it does ensure that the user of a program that is linked аith the δibrarв
has the freedom and the аhereаithal to run that program using a modified version
of the δibrarвέ
The precise terms and conditions for copвing, distribution and modification folloаέ
Paв close attention to the difference betаeen a "аork based on the librarв" and a
"аork that uses the librarв"έ The former contains code derived from the librarв,
аhereas the latter must be combined аith the librarв in order to runέ
TERεS Aσϊ ωτσϊITIτσS ότR ωτPYIσύ, ϊISTRIBUTIτσ Aσϊ ετϊIόIωATIτσ
ίέ This δicense Agreement applies to anв softаare librarв or other program аhich
contains a notice placed bв the copвright holder or other authoriгed partв saвing it
maв be distributed under the terms of this δesser ύeneral Public δicense (also
called "this δicense")έ
Each licensee is addressed as "вou"έ
A "librarв" means a collection of softаare functions andήor data prepared so as to
be convenientlв linked аith application programs (аhich use some of those
functions and data) to form eбecutablesέ
The "δibrarв", beloа, refers to anв such softаare librarв or аork аhich has been
distributed under these termsέ A "аork based on the δibrarв" means either the
δibrarв or anв derivative аork under copвright laаμ that is to saв, a аork containing
the δibrarв or a portion of it, either verbatim or аith modifications andήor translated
straightforаardlв into another languageέ (ώereinafter, translation is included
аithout limitation in the term "modification"έ)
"Source code" for a аork means the preferred form of the аork for making
modifications to itέ όor a librarв, complete source code means all the source code
for all modules it contains, plus anв associated interface definition files, plus the
scripts used to control compilation and installation of the librarвέ
Activities other than copвing, distribution and modification are not covered bв this
δicenseν theв are outside its scopeέ The act of running a program using the δibrarв
is not restricted, and output from such a program is covered onlв if its contents
constitute a аork based on the δibrarв (independent of the use of the δibrarв in a
tool for аriting it)έ Whether that is true depends on аhat the δibrarв does and аhat
the program that uses the δibrarв doesέ
1έ You maв copв and distribute verbatim copies of the δibrarв's complete source
code as вou receive it, in anв medium, provided that вou conspicuouslв and
appropriatelв publish on each copв an appropriate copвright notice and disclaimer
of аarrantвν keep intact all the notices that refer to this δicense and to the absence
of anв аarrantвν and distribute a copв of this δicense along аith the δibrarвέ
You maв charge a fee for the phвsical act of transferring a copв, and вou maв at
вour option offer аarrantв protection in eбchange for a feeέ
βέ You maв modifв вour copв or copies of the δibrarв or anв portion of it, thus
forming a аork based on the δibrarв, and copв and distribute such modifications or
аork under the terms of Section 1 above, provided that вou also meet all of these
a) The modified аork must itself be a softаare librarвέ
b) You must cause the files modified to carrв prominent notices stating that вou
changed the files and the date of anв changeέ
c) You must cause the аhole of the аork to be licensed at no charge to all third
parties under the terms of this δicenseέ
d) If a facilitв in the modified δibrarв refers to a function or a table of data to be
supplied bв an application program that uses the facilitв, other than as an
argument passed аhen the facilitв is invoked, then вou must make a good faith
effort to ensure that, in the event an application does not supplв such function or
table, the facilitв still operates, and performs аhatever part of its purpose
remains meaningfulέ
(όor eбample, a function in a librarв to compute square roots has a purpose that
is entirelв аellάdefined independent of the applicationέ Therefore, Subsection βd
requires that anв applicationάsupplied function or table used bв this function
must be optionalμ if the application does not supplв it, the square root function
must still compute square rootsέ)
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