4Put up the аall mounting sheet on the аall аhere
the unit is to be mountedέ
Before deciding the location to place the unit, be sure to
check that the Wiάόi signal strength is sufficientέ (lβ4)
Spread out the аall mounting sheet аhen tapping it to
the аallέ
5εake holes on the аall at the center of each cross
mark on the sheetέ
Take the sheet aаaв from the аall after its useέ
6Attach each аall mount bracket to the аall аith tаo
screаs (not supplied)έ
Use a level to ensure both аall mount brackets are
ιAttach the safetв holder аith tаo screаs (not
supplied) to the аallέ
κAttach the unitέ
1 ώook the unit securelв onto the аall mount brackets
аith both handsέ
ωonnect the antenna and the Aω mains lead to the unit
before hanging the unit onto the аallέ (lθ)
β Slightlв uplift the unit verticallв until reaching the
hook of the safetв holder, and push loаer so that
the unit is hooked and locked in the safetв holderέ
The unit аill be locked onto the safetв holder аith a click soundέ
After hanging the unit, release вour hands carefullв to
confirm the unit sits securelв on the аall mount brackets
and the safetв holderέ
Attach the fall prevention cord (not supplied) to the аallέ
εake sure that the slack of the cord is minimalέ
To release the unit from the safetв holder
While pressing tаo catches of the safetв holder, uplift
the unit verticallвέ
Wall mounting sheet Adhesive tape (not supplied)
4βί mm
1ίβέη mm
1γίέη mm
141 mm
1ίί mm
11κέη mm
γίί mm
1ίί mm
γλ mm
ιγ mm
Space required
At least γί mm
ιέη mm to
λέ4 mm
4έί mm
Wall mount bracket
At least γί mm
ιέη mm to
λέ4 mm
4έί mm
Safetв holder
Aω mains lead
ώook Wall mount bracket
Safetв holder
ωord (not supplied)
Screа eвe (not supplied)
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