Unit and media care
Pull out the Aω mains lead from the outlet before
Clean this unit with a soft, drв cloth
When dirt is heavв, аring a аet cloth tightlв to аipe the dirt,
and then аipe it аith a drв clothέ
When cleaning the speaker covers, use a fine clothέ
ϊo not use tissues or other materials that can fall apartέ
Small pieces maв get stuck inside the speaker coverέ
σever use alcohol, paint thinner or benгine to clean this unitέ
Before using chemicallв treated cloth, carefullв read the
cloth’s instructionsέ
Maintenance of the lens
ωlean the lens regularlв to prevent malfunctionsέ Use a dust
bloаer to remove dust and a cotton sаab if it is eбtremelв
You cannot use a ωϊ tвpe lens cleanerέ
ϊo not leave the sliding door open for prolonged periods of
timeέ This аill cause the lens to get dirtвέ
Be careful not to touch the lens аith вour fingersέ
Clean discs
Wipe аith a damp cloth and then аipe drвέ
Disc handling precautions
ώandle discs bв the edges to avoid inadvertent scratches or
fingerprints on the discέ
ϊo not attach labels or stickers to discsέ
ϊo not use record cleaning spraвs, benгine, thinner, static
electricitв prevention liquids or anв other solventέ
ϊo not use the folloаing discsμ
ϊiscs аith eбposed adhesive from removed stickers or
labels (rented discs etcέ)έ
ϊiscs that are badlв аarped or crackedέ
Irregularlв shaped discs, such as heart shapesέ
To dispose or transfer this unit
The unit maв keep the user settings information in the
unitέ If вou discard this unit either bв disposal or
transfer, then folloа the procedure to return all the
settings to the factorв defaults to delete the user
(lβη, “To return all settings to the factorв defaults”)
Playable media
A disc аith the ωϊ δogoέ
This unit can plaв back discs that conform to the ωϊάϊA
This sвstem can plaв back ωϊάRήRW аith ωϊάϊA or εPγ
format contentέ
The unit maв not be able to plaв some discs due to the
condition of the recordingέ
Before plaвback, finalise the disc on the device it аas
recorded onέ
If the disc includes both εPγ and normal audio data
(ωϊάϊA), the unit plaвs the tвpe recorded in the inner part of
the discέ
This unit cannot plaв files recorded using packet аriteέ
ϊisc must conform to ISτλθθί level 1 or β (eбcept for
eбtended formats)έ
Some ωϊάRήRW cannot be plaвed because of the condition
of the recordingέ
εPγ files are defined as tracks and folders are defined as
This sвstem can access up toμ
ωϊάϊAμ λλ tracks
εPγμ λλλ tracks, βηη albums (including root folder)
Recordings аill not necessarilв be plaвed in the order вou
recorded themέ
This unit does not guarantee connection аith all USB
όAT1β, όAT1θ and όATγβ file sвstems are supportedέ
This unit supports USB βέί όull Speedέ
USB devices аith storage capacitв of more than γβ ύB
cannot аork in some conditionsέ
Supported formatμ όiles аith the eбtension “έmpγ” or “έεPγ”έ
ϊepending on hoа вou create the files, theв maв not plaв in
the order вou numbered them or maв not plaв at allέ
όiles are defined as tracks and folders are defined as
This sвstem can access up toμ
κίί albums (including root folder)
κίίί tracks
λλλ tracks in one album
Compatible CD
Compatible USB devices
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