The USB device is not inserted correctlвέ Read the instructions
and trв again (lι)έ
Insert the disc to be plaвed (lι)έ
Eбamine the contentέ You can onlв plaв supported formatέ (lβλ)
The files in the USB device can be corruptedέ όormat the USB
device and trв againέ
The unit maв have a problemέ Turn the unit off and then on agai
The selected preset channel has not been presetέ Preset some
channelsέ (l1γ, 1κ)
This station cannot be receivedέ ωheck вour antenna (lθ)έ
You have connected an unsupported USB deviceέ
The number of programmed tracks is more than β4έ
You plaвed an unsupported fileέ The sвstem аill skip that track
and plaв the neбt oneέ
The unit is checking the “ωϊ”ή“USB” informationέ After this displaв
has disappeared, start operatingέ
“REMOTE ” (“ ” stands for a number.)
The remote control and this unit are using different codesέ ωhange
the code on the remote controlέ
When “REετTE 1” is displaвed, press and hold ДτK] and Д1]
for at least 4 secondsέ
When “REετTE β” is displaвed, press and hold ДτK] and Дβ] for at
least 4 secondsέ
Stations are not receivableέ ωheck вour antenna and trв Auto
scanning (l1κ)έ
If “SωAσ όAIδEϊ” is still displaвed find the best signal reception
аith the “εAσUAδ SωAσ” tuning functionέ (l1λ)
“SOUND NOT SET” (“ ” stands for a number.)
There is no saved setting under the selected sound setting
numberέ Save the sound settingsέ (lβ1)
The USB device is draаing too much poаerέ Select a source other
than “USB”, remove the USB and turn the unit offέ
The sвstem cannot shoа the remaining plaв time for variable bit
rate (VBR) tracksέ
This is displaвed, for eбample, аhen this unit is turning offέ
This is flashing аhen the sвstem is trвing to enter a netаork
setting modeέ
The network indicator (l4) blinks
This maв occur аhen, for instance, the netаork connection is
The Bluetooth® аord mark and logos are registered trademarks
oаned bв Bluetooth SIύ, Incέ and anв use of such marks bв
Panasonic ωorporation is under licenseέ
τther trademarks and trade names are those of their respective
The Wiάόi ωERTIόIEϊ δogo is a certification mark of Wiάόi
The Wiάόi Protected Setup Identifier mark is a certification
mark of Wiάόi Alliance®έ
“Wiάόi®” is a registered trademark of Wiάόi Alliance®έ
“Wiάόi Protected Setup”, “WPA”, and “WPAβ” are
trademarks of Wiάόi Alliance®έ
Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated,
registered in the United States, and other countriesέ AllPlaв is a
trademark of Qualcomm ωonnected Eбperiences, Incέ,
registered in the United States, and other countriesέ
TuneIn is a trademark of TuneIn Incέ, registered in the United
States and other countries and used аith permissionέ
The Spotifв softаare is subject to third partв licenses found
ϊδσA, the ϊδσA δogo and ϊδσA ωERTIόIEϊ are trademarks,
service marks, or certification marks of the ϊigital δiving
σetаork Allianceέ
Windoаs is a trademark or a registered trademark of εicrosoft
ωorporation in the United States and other countriesέ
ύoogle Plaв and Android are trademarks of ύoogle Incέ
εPEύ δaвerάγ audio coding technologв licensed from
όraunhofer IIS and Thomsonέ
iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple
Incέ, registered in the UέSέ and other countriesέ
App Store is a service mark of Apple Incέ
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