Before requesting service, make the folloаing checksέ
If вou are uncertain about some of the check points, or
if the solutions indicated in the folloаing guide does not
resolve the issue, then consult вour dealer for
For further dedicated help, support and advice about
вour product please visitμ
(This site is in English onlвέ)
Cannot turn on the unit.
After connecting the Aω mains lead, аait about 1ί seconds before
turning on the unitέ
Humming heard during plaвback.
If an Aω mains lead or fluorescent lights are near the cords, then
keep other appliances and cords aаaв from the cablesέ
The unit does not work.
τne of the unit’s safetв devices maв have been activatedέ
1Press ДÍήI] on the unit to sаitch the unit to standbвέ
If the unit does not turn off, disconnect the Aω mains lead
from the Aω outlet, reconnect it to the outlet after about
γί secondsέ Then аait for about 1ί secondsέ
2Press ДÍήI] on the unit to sаitch it onέ If the unit still cannot be
operated, consult the dealerέ
Charging does not start during standbв mode.
Turn the unit onέ ωheck the charging has started, and then turn
the unit to standbв modeέ (lι)
Noise is heard.
When a device is connected to both the AUX Iσ jack and the USB
port, noise maв be generated depending on the deviceέ In this
case, remove the USB cable from the USB portέ
The remote control does not work properlв.
The batterв is depleted or inserted incorrectlвέ (lη)
Incorrect displaв or plaв does not start.
εake sure that the disc is compatible аith this unitέ (lβκ)
There is moisture on the lensέ Wait for about an hour and then trв
No response when [1/;] is pressed.
ϊisconnect the USB device and then reconnect itέ Alternativelв,
turn the unit off and on againέ
The USB drive or its contents cannot be read.
The USB drive format or its contents isήare not compatible аith the
unit (lβκ)έ
The USB host function of this product maв not аork аith some
USB devicesέ
Slow operation of the USB flash drive.
δarge file siгe or high memorв USB flash drive takes longer time
to readέ
The elapsed time displaвed is different from the
actual plaв time.
ωopв the data to another USB device or backup the data and
reformat the USB deviceέ
DAB/DAB+ reception is poor.
Keep the antenna aаaв from computers, televisions, other cables
and cordsέ
Use an outdoor antennaέ
If noise is excessive during FM reception.
ωhange the audio to be output as monauralέ
1Press ДRAϊIτ εEσU] repeatedlв to select “όε ετϊE”έ
2Press Д2,1] to select “ετστ” and then press ДτK]έ
The sound becomes monauralέ
To cancel, select “STEREτ” or change the frequencвέ
In normal circumstances, select “STEREτ”έ
Static or noisв reception is heard while listening to
a radio broadcast.
ωonfirm the antenna is properlв connectedέ (lθ)
Adjust the position of the antennaέ
Trв to keep a certain amount of distance betаeen the antenna and
Aω mains leadέ
Trв using an outdoor antenna if there are buildings or mountains
Turn the TV or other audio plaвers off or separate it from this unitέ
Keep this unit aаaв from mobile phones if there is interferenceέ
Do вou have the latest firmware installedς
Panasonic is constantlв improving the sвstem’s
firmаare to ensure that our customers are enjoвing
the latest technologвέ (lββ)
To return all settings to the factorв defaults
When the folloаing situations occur, reset the memorвμ
There is no response аhen buttons are pressedέ
You аant to clear and reset the settingsέ
1ϊisconnect the Aω mains leadέ (Wait for at least
γί seconds before proceeding to step 2έ)
2While pressing and holding doаn ДÍήI] on the
unit, reconnect the Aω mains leadέ
Keep holding doаn ДÍήI] until “άάάάάάάάά” appears on the
3Release ДÍήI]έ
The settings are returned to the factorв defaultsέ It is
necessarв to set the settings againέ
To reset the netаork settings, perform the operation for
netаork resetέ (lβ4)
Remote control
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