The sleep timer can turn the unit off after a set timeέ
Press ДSδEEP] repeatedlв to select the setting
(in minutes)έ
“SδEEP γί” -. “SδEEP θί” -. “SδEEP λί” -. “SδEEP 1βί”
^---------------- “τόό” (ωancel) (""""""}
The remaining time is indicated on the unit’s displaв at everв
minute eбcept аhen other operations are performedέ
“SδEEP 1” is alаaвs shoаn аhen onlв 1 minute remainsέ
The plaв timer and sleep timer can be used togetherέ The
sleep timer is alаaвs the main timer on the unitέ
You can set the timer so this unit turns on at a certain
time everв daвέ
Set the clockέ
1Press ДωδτωKήTIεER] repeatedlв to select
“TIεER AϊJ”έ
2Press Д3,4] to set the starting time (“τσ TIεE”)
and then press ДτK]έ
3Press Д3,4] to set the finishing time
(“τόό TIεE”) and then press ДτK]έ
4Press Д3,4] to select the music source* and then
press ДτK]έ
Turning the timer on
1Prepare the selected music source and set the
desired volumeέ
2Press ДF, PδAY]έ
F” is displaвedέ
To cancel, press ДF, PδAY] againέ
3Press ДÍ] to turn the unit to standbв modeέ
To check the settings
Press ДωδτωKήTIεER] repeatedlв to select
“TIεER AϊJ”έ
(ϊuring standbв, press ДωδτωKήTIεER] tаiceέ)
The timer starts at a loа volume and increases graduallв to
the preset levelέ
The timer comes on at the set time everв daв if the timer is
If вou turn off the unit and turn it on again аhile a timer is in
operation, the timer аill not stop at the end timeέ
* “ωϊ”, “USB”, “ϊAB+” and “όε” can be set as the music
Firmware updates
τccasionallв, Panasonic maв release updated
firmаare for this sвstem that maв add or improve the
аaв a feature operatesέ These updates are available
free of chargeέ
Turn this sвstem onέ
ωonnect this sвstem to the home netаorkέ (lκ)
εake sure that the netаork is connected to the
1Press ДRAϊIτ, EXTάIσ] repeatedlв to select
2Press ДSETUP] repeatedlв to select “όW UPϊATE”
and then press ДτK]έ
3Press Д2,1] to select “τKς YES” and then press
ДτK] to start the updateέ
Select “τKς στ” to cancel the updateέ
When the update begins, “UPϊATIσύ” is
The progress is displaвed as “UPϊ฀ ฀ Σ” аhile
updatingέ (“ ” stands for a numberέ)
4After the update has finished, “SUωωESS” is
ϊisconnect the Aω mains lead and reconnect it
after 1 minuteέ
If there are no updates, “στ σEEϊ” is displaвedέ
ϊoаnloading maв take longer or maв not аork properlв
depending on the connection environmentέ
Press ДSETUP] repeatedlв to select “όW VERέ” and
then press ДτK]έ
The version of the installed firmаare is displaвedέ
Press ДτK] to eбitέ
Sleep timer
Plaв timer
You can also update the firmаare from a popάup
prompting вou to do so onάscreen аithin the app
“Panasonic εusic Streaming” (l11)έ όor details on
the app, refer to the site beloаέ
(This site is in English onlвέ)
Downloading takes approx. 10 minutes.
DO NOT DISCONNECT the AC mains lead
while one of the following messages is
“UPϊATIσύ” or “UPϊ฀ ฀ Σ”
(“ ” stands for a numberέ)
ϊuring the update process, no other operations can be
Checking the firmware version
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