Sound adjustment
The folloаing sound effects can be added to the audio
1Press ДSτUσϊ] repeatedlв to select the effectέ
2Press Д2,1] to select the setting and then press
You maв eбperience a reduction in sound qualitв аhen these
effects are used аith some sourcesέ If this occurs, turn the
sound effects offέ
When “AUX” is selected as the source, вou can select
“IσPUT δEVEδ” to adjust the sound input level of the
eбternal deviceέ (lθ)
You can save вour desired sound settings to
“SτUσϊ 1”, “SτUσϊ β” or “SτUσϊ γ” as
“εY SτUσϊ”έ
1Adjust вour desired sound effectsέ (labove)
2Press ДSETUP] to select “SAVE εY SτUσϊ”έ
3Press Д2,1] to select a setting number and then
press ДτK]έ
“SAVEϊ” is displaвedέ
The sound settings previouslв saved аill be replaced
аhen вou save neа settings to the same setting
Recalling the sound settings вou have
1Press ДSτUσϊ] to select “εY SτUσϊ”έ
2Press Д2,1] to select the desired sound setting
number and then press ДτK]έ
Press ДϊέBASS] to select “τσ ϊέBASS” or
“τόό ϊέBASS”έ
Alternativelв, press ДϊέBASS] on the unitέ
Press ДPRESET EQ] repeatedlв to select “ώEAVY”
(heavв), “SτόT” (soft), “ωδEAR” (clear), “VτωAδ”
(vocal) or “όδAT” (flatήoff)έ
When “PRESET EQ” is selected, Bass and Treble settings
аill be changed to the settings in preset EQ settingέ
Clock and Timer
This is a β4άhour clockέ
You can stream the clock information from the device
to this unit bв using the app “Panasonic εusic
Streaming” (l11)έ
ωomplete the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
Install the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming” on вour
ωonnect вour device to the same netаork as this
1Turn this sвstem onέ
ωheck that the netаork indicator (l4) lights upέ
If it does not light up, check the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
2Start the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming”έ
Alаaвs use the latest version of the appέ
The clock information аill be sent to this sвstemέ
1Press ДωδτωKήTIεER] to select “ωδτωK”έ
2Press Д3,4] to set the time and then press ДτK]έ
To check the time
Press ДωδτωKήTIεER]έ
The clock is reset аhen there is a poаer failure or аhen the
Aω mains lead is removedέ
Reset the clock regularlв to maintain accuracвέ
“εY SτUσϊ”
(εв sound)
“SτUσϊ 1”, “SτUσϊ β”, or
“SτUσϊ γ”έ
(lbeloа, “Saving the sound
“BASS” (Bass) or
“TREBδE” (Treble)
Adjust the level (j4 to i4)έ
“τσ SURRτUσϊ” or
“τόό SURRτUσϊ”έ
Alternativelв, press ДSURRτUσϊ]
on this unitέ
“τσ ωδEARάετϊE ϊIAδτύ” or
“τόό ωδEARάετϊE ϊIAδτύ”έ
“WAδδ ετUσT”
(Wall mount)
“ετϊE 1 WAδδ ετUσT”,
“ετϊE β WAδδ ετUσT” or
“τόό WAδδ ετUσT”έ
Alternativelв, press ДWAδδ
ετUσT] on this unitέ
Saving the sound settings
Preset EQ
Setting the clock
Using clock information from a network device
Adjusting the clock manuallв
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