Press ДϊISPδAY] to change the displaвέ
The information аill scroll through the displaвέ
Each time вou press the buttonμ
If the ϊABήϊAB+ broadcast includes time information,
this unit’s clock аill be automaticallв updatedέ
1Press ДRAϊIτ εEσU] repeatedlв to select “AUTτ
ωδτωK AϊJ”έ
2Press Д2,1] to select “τσ AϊJUST” and then
press ДτK]έ
Select “τόό AϊJUST” to turn the automatic clock adjustment
function offέ
To check the signal reception qualitв, at least 1
frequencв block needs to be successfullв memorisedέ
If “SωAσ όAIδEϊ” is displaвed after “ϊAB+” is
selected or after an auto scan, proceed to “εanuallв
tuning 1 frequencв block” (lbeloа)
If stations have alreadв been memorised to this unit,
proceed to “ωhecking the ϊABήϊAB+ signal
reception qualitв” (lright)
Manuallв tuning 1 frequencв block
Use this function to scan 1 frequencв block after
adjusting the position of the ϊAB antennaέ
σote doаn a frequencв block that can be received in
вour region (eέgέ, 1βB ββηέθ4κ εώг)έ
1While “SωAσ όAIδEϊ” is displaвedέ
Adjust the position of the ϊAB antennaέ
2Press ДRAϊIτ εEσU] repeatedlв to select
“εAσUAδ SωAσ”έ
3Press Д2,1] to select the frequencв block that is
receivable in вour region and then press ДτK]έ
If broadcasting stations are memorised, proceed to
“To reάscan ϊABήϊAB+ stations” to memorise stations on
other frequencв blocksέ (l1κ)
If “SωAσ όAIδEϊ” is still displaвed, repeat steps 1 to γ until a
station is memorisedέ If the situation does not improve, trв
using an outdoor ϊAB antenna or consult вour dealerέ
Checking the DAB/DAB+ signal
reception qualitв
1While listening to the ϊABήϊAB+ broadcastμ
Press ДRAϊIτ εEσU] repeatedlв to select
“SIύσAδ QUAδITY” and then press ДτK]έ
The current frequencв block is displaвed and
then the reception qualitв is indicatedέ
2If the signal reception qualitв is poor, move the
antenna to a position аhere the reception qualitв
3To continue checking the qualitв of other frequencв
Press Д2,1] again and select the desired
4Press ДτK] to eбitέ
If the antenna has been adjusted, perform auto scanning and
update the station memorвέ (l1κ)
ϊвnamic labelμ Information about the
PTY displaвμ Programme tвpe
Ensemble labelμ The name of the ensemble
όrequencв displaвμ The frequencв block and
frequencв is displaвedέ
Time displaвμ ωurrent time
Automatic clock adjustment
To verifв or improve the signal
reception qualitв
Reception qualitв
ί (poor) – κ (eбcellent)
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