Media playback controls
The folloаing marks indicate the availabilitв of the
Turn the unit onέ
Insert the media or connect the Bluetooth®ήAllPlaвή
ϊδσA compatible deviceέ (lι, 11, 14)
1Select the audio sourceέ
όor discμ
Press ДωϊήUSB] repeatedlв to select “ωϊ”έ
όor USB deviceμ
Press ДωϊήUSB] repeatedlв to select “USB”έ
όor Bluetooth® deviceμ
Press Д ] to select “BδUETττTώ”έ
όor AllPlaвήϊδσA compatible deviceμ
When this sвstem is selected as the output
speakers, the audio source аill change to the
netаork sourceέ
Alternativelв, press ДRAϊIτ, EXTάIσ] repeatedlв
to select “σETWτRK”έ
(When selecting using this unit, press
ДSEδEωTτR, sPAIRIσύ] repeatedlвέ)
2Press Д1ή;] to start plaвbackέ
Basic controls
To displaв information
You can displaв the track, artist, album name, file tвpe,
bit rate, and other informationέ (The information varies
depending on the audio sourceέ)
Press ДϊISPδAY] repeatedlвέ
eέgέ [USB] (εPγ)
To use this unit’s remote control аith a Bluetooth® device, the
Bluetooth® device must support AVRωP (Audio Video
Remote ωontrol Profile)έ
ϊepending on the status of the device, some controls maв
not аorkέ
[NETWORK]μ Some controls maв not аork depending on the
app in use, etcέ
[CD], [USB]μTracks can be selected bв pressing the numeric
εaбimum number of displaвable charactersμ
Approбέ γβ
This sвstem supports verέ 1 and β Iϊγ tagsέ
Teбt data that is not supported аill not be displaвed or аill be
shoаn differentlвέ
[CD]μ ωϊ audio in ωϊάϊA format or a ωϊ that
contains εPγ files (lβκ)
[USB]μ USB devices containing εPγ file (lβκ)
[BLUETOOTH]μ ωonnected Bluetooth® device (l14)
[NETWORK]μ When connected to an AllPlaвήϊδσA
compatible device (l11)
Basic plaв
Stop Press Д
[USB]μ The position is memorised and
“RESUεE” is displaвedέ
[USB]μ Press Д] tаice to stop the
plaвback fullвέ
Pause Press Д1ή;]έ
Press again to continue plaвbackέ
Skip Press Д:] or Д9] to skip trackέ
(This unitμ Д:ή6] or Д5ή9])
[CD] (εPγ), [USB]
Press Д3] or Д4] to skip the albumέ
ϊuring plaв or pause, press and hold
Д6] or Д5
(This unitμ Д:ή6] or Д5ή9])
“A฀฀฀”μ εPγ album numberέ
“T฀฀฀”μ εPγ track numberέ
(“ ” stands for a numberέ)
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