If the sound input level from the Bluetooth® device is
too loа, change the input level settingέ
ωonnect a Bluetooth® deviceέ
1Press ДPδAY εEσU] repeatedlв to select “IσPUT
2Press Д2,1] to select the level and then press
“δEVEδ ί” ,. “δEVEδ i1” ,. “δEVEδ iβ”
Select “δEVEδ ί” if the sound is distortedέ
The factorв default is “δEVEδ ί”έ
1While a Bluetooth® device is connectedμ
Press ДPδAY εEσU] repeatedlв to select
2Press Д2,1] to select “τKς YES” and then press
You can also disconnect the Bluetooth® device bв pressing
and holding ДSEδEωTτR, sPAIRIσύ] on the unitέ
The Bluetooth® device аill be disconnected if a different
audio source (eέgέ, “ωϊ”) is selectedέ
About Bluetooth®
Frequencв band used
This sвstem uses the βέ4 ύώг frequencв bandέ
Certification of this device
This sвstem conforms to frequencв restrictions and
has received certification based on frequencв laаsέ
Thus, a аireless permit is not necessarвέ
The actions beloа are punishable bв laа in some
Taking apart or modifвing the sвstemέ
Removing specification indicationsέ
Restrictions of use
Wireless transmission andήor usage аith all
Bluetooth® equipped devices is not guaranteedέ
All devices must conform to standards set bв
Bluetooth SIύ, Incέ
ϊepending on the specifications and settings of a
device, it can fail to connect or some operations can
be differentέ
This sвstem supports Bluetooth® securitв featuresέ
But depending on the operating environment andήor
settings, this securitв is possiblв not sufficientέ
Transmit data аirelesslв to this sвstem аith cautionέ
This sвstem cannot transmit data to a Bluetooth®
Range of use
Use this device at a maбimum range of 1ί mέ The
range can decrease depending on the environment,
obstacles or interferenceέ
Interference from other devices
This sвstem maв not function properlв and troubles
such as noise and sound jumps maв arise due to
radio аave interference if this sвstem is located too
close to other Bluetooth® devices or the devices that
use the βέ4 ύώг bandέ
This sвstem maв not function properlв if radio аaves
from a nearbв broadcasting station, etcέ is too
Intended usage
This sвstem is for normal, general use onlвέ
ϊo not use this sвstem near an equipment or in an
environment that is sensitive to radio frequencв
interference (eбampleμ airports, hospitals,
laboratories, etc)έ
Bluetooth® input level
Disconnecting a Bluetooth® device
Panasonic bears no responsibilitв for data and/or
information that is compromised during a
wireless transmission.
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