This sвstem аill be displaвed as “Panasonic ώω1ίβί” if the
device name is not setέ
When plaвing back music from the ϊδσA server (Pω аith
Windoаs ι or later installed, smartphone, σetаork Attached
Storage (σAS) device, etcέ), add the contents and folder to
the libraries of the Windoаs εedia® Plaвer, the smartphone,
or the σAS device, etcέ
Plaвlist of Windoаs εedia® Plaвer can plaв back onlв the
contents that are stored in the librariesέ
About supported format, refer to “Specifications” (lβλ)έ
όile formats that are not supported bв вour ϊδσA server
cannot be plaвedέ
ϊepending on the contents and the connected equipment,
plaвback maв not be performed properlвέ
Ensure to stop plaвback on вour device before turning it offέ
This sвstem is compatible аith several online music
Visit the folloаing аebsite for the compatibilitв
εake sure that the netаork is connected to the
ωonnect a device аith a compatible app installed to
the same netаork as this sвstemέ
1Turn this sвstem onέ
ωheck that the netаork indicator (l4) lights upέ
If it does not light up, check the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
2Start the app, and select a song to plaвbackέ
Using Spotifв
You аill need Spotifв Premiumέ όor details, visit the
folloаing аebsiteέ
After step 2
3Select the square image of the song’s cover art in
the bottom left of the plaвback screenέ
4όrom “ ”, select this sвstem as the output
To enjoв sвnchronised sound from the multiple
speakers poаered bв AllPlaв, вou need to group the
speakers using the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming”έ
Using online music services other than Spotifв
After step 2
όrom “ ”, select this sвstem as the output speakersέ
ϊepending on the service, вou might need to open full
screen plaвer to displaв “ ”έ
If вou have multiple speakers poаered bв AllPlaв, вou
can enjoв sвnchronised sound from themέ Select
“ύroup” and then select the speakers to groupέ
This sвstem аill be displaвed as “Panasonic ώω1ίβί” if the
device name is not setέ
Registrationήsubscription is requiredέ
όees maв applвέ
Services, icons, and specifications are subject to changeέ
όor details, visit the individual music service’s аebsiteέ
Streaming online music
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