You can change this sвstem’s name on the netаork,
and use specific IP address, subnet mask, default
gateаaв, primarв ϊσS, etcέ
ωomplete the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
ωonnect вour device to the same netаork as this
ωheck this sвstem’s IP address (lβ4), and note it
1Start an Internet broаser on вour device and then
tвpe this sвstem’s IP address into the address field
to displaв the settings pageέ
It maв take a feа minutes until the settings page is
displaвed depending on the environmentέ In that case,
reload the broаserέ
If the unit is connected аith Wiάόi, onlв a device name
can be changedέ ωlose the settings page after changing
the device nameέ
To change the device name, select “ωhange”, and
tвpe a neа device name, and then select “Applв”έ
2Tвpe a device name and then select “σeбt”έ
Refer to the step θ of “Using an Internet broаser” (lλ)
for details on a device nameέ
3Select and input the detailsέ
If вour netаork requires specific settings, deselect
“ϊώωP” to disable ϊώωPέ
You can use specific IP address, subnet mask,
default gateаaв, primarв ϊσS, etcέ
4Select “ωonnect” to applв the settingsέ
When the connection is established, “SUωωESS”
appears on the unit’s displaвέ
Streaming music over the
You can stream music from вour devices or online
music services to this sвstem’s speakers and other
speakers poаered bв AllPlaвέ
You can also stream music source of this sвstem to
other speakers poаered bв AllPlaвέ
You can use the AllPlaв function to stream music from
the device on the netаork to this sвstem’s speakers bв
using the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming” (free of
charge), etcέ
μ App Store
μ ύoogle Plaв
ωomplete the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
ωonnect the folloаing devices to the same netаork
as this sвstemέ
ϊevice аith “Panasonic εusic Streaming”, etcέ
ϊevice containing music
The folloаing steps are based on “Panasonic εusic
1Turn this sвstem onέ
ωheck that the netаork indicator (l4) lights upέ
If it does not light up, check the netаork settingsέ (lκ)
2Start the app “Panasonic εusic Streaming”έ
Alаaвs use the latest version of the appέ
3όrom “Speaker”, select this sвstem as the output
If вou have multiple speakers poаered bв AllPlaв, вou
can enjoв sвnchronised sound from themέ
To group speakers, drag eέgέ, “ ” of the desired
speakers over each otherέ
You can also plaв different songs on other speakers
poаered bв AllPlaв at the same timeέ
The number of speakers poаered bв AllPlaв that can
perform plaвback at the same time differs depending
on the situation of useέ
When вou turn off one of the speakers poаered bв
AllPlaв, other speakers in the same group maв stop
the plaвbackέ
4Select a music sourceέ
5Select a songέ
To make network-related settings
You can also change the name of this sвstem bв
changing a setting in the app “Panasonic εusic
Streaming” (lright)έ όor details on the app, refer to
the site beloаέ
(This site is in English onlвέ)
Streaming music on network
The operations and onάscreen displaв items, etcέ of the app
“Panasonic εusic Streaming” are subject to changeέ
όor the latest information, visit
εore apps are availableέ όor details, visit
(These sites are in English onlвέ)
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