Hardware and Software Requirements
The following hardware and software are required:
Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server
USB key size should be greater than the OS partition for any operation
When a Non-PXE image is used to image, the IDE Flash size should be greater than
Wisard Image size (for example, if a Wisard 512 MB image is converted to a Non-PXE
Image, then the IDE flash size should be 1 GB to accommodate the boot agent)
Windows XPe build 587 or later on the thin client
Wyse Linux version 6.4 or later on the thin client
Supported Devices
The following devices are supported:
Wyse thin clients running Windows™ XP embedded (XPe) operating system,
including: G90, R90L, R90LE, V90, V90L, V90LE, X90L and X90Le.
Wyse thin clients running Wyse® Linux embedded operating system, including: R50L,
R50LE, V50, V50L, V50LE and X50L.
Wyse Viance Appliance
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