Wyse® USB Firmware Tool
Users Guide
The Wyse® USB Firmware Tool provides a simple USB imaging solution to help IT and
Customer Service staff quickly and easily image Wyse thin clients.
Using the tool’s flexible windows utility, users can successfully configure a USB key to:
Copy - Copy a firmware image from a thin client for (for example, for use on another
thin client)
Update - Update a firmware image to a thin client (for example, to upgrade firmware)
Replicate - Create duplicate USB keys (containing the original configuration) for
multiple firmware update and copy use (for example, by several users in several
locations at the same time)
About this Guide
This guide is intended for IT and Customer Service staff that troubleshoot and manage
Wyse thin clients. It provides the necessary information and detailed procedures for using
the Wyse USB Firmware Tool to quickly and easily image Wyse thin clients.
Wyse Technical Support
To access Wyse technical resources, visit http://support.wyse.com. If you still have
questions, you can submit your questions to the Wyse Self-Service Center or call
Customer Support at 1-800-800-WYSE (toll free in U.S. and Canada). Hours of operation
are from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.
To access international support, visit http://www.wyse.com/global.
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