You can select the .rsp file of I2D image or .i2d file directly or the Merlin
image during configuration. If the I2D image is selected, it will be converted
to the Merlin format automatically and the converted files copied to the USB
key. If you already have a Merlin image, it can be selected directly by
selecting the .rsp of the Merlin image.
Merlin is a new image format that is available with WDM 4.7.0.
5. Click Next to open the prepare USB dialog box.
Figure 7 Prepare USB drive for update
6. Select the USB key onto which you want the configurations (you can use Refresh as
needed to recognize an inserted USB key), and then click Next.
The progress bar shows the task and status of the action being performed
during the process. If you selected the .rsp file of the I2D image format or .i2d
file itself, it will convert and copy the converted files to the USB key, configure
the USB key for updating images, and makes the USB key bootable.
7. After configuration, click Finish to close the wizard and then remove the USB key for
use (after inserting the USB key into a supported Wyse thin client and booting the thin
client, you will be prompted to continue with the update process or to cancel the
process and reboot the thin client).
To support the bootable USB key, you must be sure to configure the BIOS
option for booting the thin client from the USB key before trying to use the
key. For information on BIOS configuration, refer to "Configuring the BIOS to
Boot from a USB Key."
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