2Getting Started
IMPORTANT - BEFORE YOU BEGIN: The initial release of Cloud Connect is designed to
work in coordination with Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager in a corporate environment.
Be sure CCM is set up and ready for Cloud Connect devices before starting the Cloud
Connect setup.
For essential steps to help administrators quickly understand and set up a CCM
environment for Cloud Connect devices, see "Quick Setup: Get Your Devices Under
CCM Management."
For full details on using CCM, see the CCM documentation.
When you are ready to set up your Cloud Connect, complete the following:
"Step 1: Connect and Power On"
"Step 2: Set Up Your Input Devices and Accept the License Agreement"
"Step 3: Set Up Wi-Fi and Select the Time Zone"
"Step 4: Set Up Cloud Client Manager (CCM)"
TIP: If you need to re-set your keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi, and GMail account in the future,
you can return to the initial Setup Wizard (click Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory
Defaults) and follow the wizard as described in this section.
Step 1: Connect and Power On
Box Contents
1 Bluetooth pairing button
2 Micro SD slot
3 HDMI/MHL connector
4 Cap
5 Mini USB 2.0* host port
6 Strap slot
7 Power/Activity status
8 Micro USB OTG* port/power input for HDMI connection
9 Micro USB to Standard USB 2.0* cable
10 HDMI extension cable
* Not all USB devices are supported; check with Dell or your Dell representative to find out
if a particular device is supported on your product.
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