1Welcome to Cloud Connect
Designed to promote bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, Dell Wyse Cloud
Connect allows you to securely access and share work and personal files,
presentations, applications, and other content from your business or your home.
Managed through Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager software-as-a-service (SaaS), IT
managers can ensure that each Cloud Connect device is used by the appropriate
person with the right permissions and access to the appropriate apps and content
based on role, department and location.
Slightly larger than a USB memory stick, Cloud Connect is an ultra-compact
multimedia-capable device. Simply plug it into any available Mobile High-Definition
Link (MHL™) or HDMI™ port on a TV or monitor, attach a Bluetooth keyboard and
mouse, connect to Wi-Fi, and you have a high-quality window to the cloud.
Cloud Connect functions as a multipurpose Citrix®, Microsoft® RDP, or VMware® thin
client, a Web client for Web-based Apps, and a stand-alone device for local Apps and
content. It includes the Android OS for access to thousands of Apps in Google Play.
NOTE: Cloud Connect is Citrix certified, VMware certified, and Google certified.
IMPORTANT: The initial release of Cloud Connect is designed to work in coordination
with Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager (CCM) in a corporate environment. Be sure CCM
is set up and ready for Cloud Connect devices before starting the Cloud Connect setup.
For essential steps to help administrators quickly understand and set up a CCM
environment for Cloud Connect devices, see "Quick Setup: Get Your Devices Under
CCM Management."
For full details on using CCM, see the CCM documentation.
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