Quick Setup: Get Your Devices Under CCM Management 21
Step 3: (Recommended) Verify Cloud Connect Connectivity to CCM for Real-Time
After Cloud Connect users have set up and registered their Cloud Connect with CCM as
described in "Getting Started," you can use CCM to verify connectivity for real-time
1. Click the Devices tab. On the Devices page of the Administrator Console, click the
Name link for the Cloud Connect device to which you want to verify CCM
connectivity to open the Summary tab of the Device Details page.
2. Click the Querry command button on the Device Details page to send a real-time
command to the Cloud Connect device to update its information in the CCM
3. After the Cloud Connect device updates its information, CCM will display the event
in the events list on the Events tab of the Device Details page (click the Events tab to
see the event at the top of the list). Cloud Connect connectivity to CCM is now
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