20 Appendix B
3. Once Users have been added to the system, they can register their Cloud Connect
device. Email invitations can be sent to users providing the instructions to register
their device. On the Users page of the Administrator Console, select the check box
next to the name of the User you want, and then click Invite Users to open and use
the Invite Users Email wizard to send Users information about how to register their
Use the following guidelines:
Select the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Devices option and click Next.
After the registration invitation is displayed, click Invite Users to send it to the
user. The user can now set up and register their Cloud Connect with CCM (using
the CCM credentials contained in the invitation) as described in "Getting Started."
What’s Next: After Cloud Connect users have set up and registered their Cloud
Connect with CCM as described in “Getting Started” on page 3 basic connectivity is
complete. At that point you have successfully registered and configured your Cloud
Connect devices. You can now view your Cloud Connect devices in CCM and send
real-time commands to them from CCM. However, it is recommended that you verify
Cloud Connect connectivity to CCM by completing "Step 3: (Recommended) Verify
Cloud Connect Connectivity to CCM for Real-Time Commands."
Advanced CCM Users ONLY—On the
On Premises Services page (Portal
Admin tab > On Premises): If the Single
Sign-on option is selected/enabled and
the Disable local user accounts for
mobile user option is cleared/not
selected, the Select the Type of User
Credentials to Use for Registration
window is displayed where you can
select the option you want and click
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