Quick Setup: Get Your Devices Under CCM Management 19
Step 2: Add Cloud Connect Users to CCM and Invite Them to Register
1. Click the Users tab. On the Users page of the Administrator Console, click the Add
Mobile User button to open the New Mobile User page.
2. Use the following guidelines to configure the settings (you can ignore the Email
Configuration tab at this time). Be sure to click Save when you are finished
configuring a User.
Personal Information tab:
Email Address: Must be a valid email address (used for password recovery).
Login Name: The Login Name is the username used for device registration (see
“Step 4: Set Up Cloud Client Manager (CCM)” on page 5) and for logging into the
Self-Service portal and can be the same as the email address or customized.
CAUTION: Once created, this Login Name cannot be modified (you must
deactivate and delete the User, and then create a new User with same email
address but different Login Name if desired).
First Name / Last Name / Title / Mobile Phone Number
Roles tab:
Enable Mobile User Role: Select to enable device registration and Self-Service
portal access for this mobile-device User; and then select the Default Policy
Group (users of CCM Professional Edition can select any group policy desired).
Portal Administrator: Select this option if you want to enable portal
administration access to the system for this User (administrator access rights),
and then select the role (Global Administrator or Global Viewer) to which you
want to assign the User. In general, Global Viewers have read-only access to the
console, but can also be given rights to issue any of the following Real-Time
commands that you specify: Query, Lock, Clear Passcode, Unregister, Wipe,
Restart. Note that newly created administrators will be forced to enter a new
password at their first login.
Password: The password is used for device registration (see “Step 4: Set Up
Cloud Client Manager (CCM)” on page 5) and is the password for logging into the
Self-Service portal. Select a User-based option to either generate a random
password or to enter a custom password (Advanced CCM Users ONLY—If Single
Sign-on is enabled, users can register their device with their domain credentials):
Random password: System assigns a random password for the User.
Custom password: Manually enter the password you want (passwords must
contain a minimum of 8 characters (up to a maximum of 64) including 1 upper
case letter, 1 lower case letter, and 1 numerical digit). If a group password has
been configured, this is the default custom password.
TIP: Users will register their Cloud Connect device using the credentials you
provide to them (they must enter the credentials as described in (see “Step 4: Set
Up Cloud Client Manager (CCM)” on page 5).
CAUTION: It is highly recommended that this password be changed at first
login. Newly created administrators, and any Mobile User trying to activate the
Self-Service Portal for first time, will be forced to enter a new password at their
first login.
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