18 Appendix B
Essential Steps
This section provides an overview of the essential steps required to quickly get your
Cloud Connect devices under CCM management.
TIP: After you complete these steps, you will have your devices under basic
management. For full details on using the power of CCM features for advanced
management (for example, using policies to manage at many different levels), see the
CCM documentation.
Steps include:
"Step 1: Log In to CCM"
"Step 2: Add Cloud Connect Users to CCM and Invite Them to Register"
"Step 3: (Recommended) Verify Cloud Connect Connectivity to CCM for Real-Time
Step 1: Log In to CCM
IMPORTANT: To log in to CCM, be sure to use your correct User Name and Password
(defaults are provided to you by your Account Representative). To log out of the
Administrator Console, click the Sign out link. This link is always available in the
upper-right corner of the Administrator Console.
1. Open the Administrator Console Login page by using a supported Web browser
from any machine with access to the Internet and go to:
2. Enter your User Name and Password, and then click Login to open the Dashboard
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