BQuick Setup: Get Your Devices
Under CCM Management
IMPORTANT: This appendix is intended for first-time administrators of Dell Wyse Cloud
Client Manager (CCM) for use with Wyse Cloud Connect devices. It provides
information and essential steps to help administrators quickly understand and set up a
CCM environment for Cloud Connect devices. Administrators familiar with CCM can
also use this section as a quick reference of the essential steps required to include
Cloud Connect devices in their current CCM environment. For full details on using
CCM, see the CCM documentation.
This appendix includes:
"About CCM"
"How to Get a CCM Account"
"Essential Steps"
TIP: For trial purposes, you can also use the information and steps in this appendix to
set up a “test” Cloud Connect within the same room as your CCM Administrator
console, and then send real-time commands to the “test” Cloud Connect device.
About CCM
CCM provides IT administrators with an intelligent and dynamic cloud-based console
to securely manage and enable corporate access to a wide range of devices including
Cloud Connect, thin clients, zero clients, cloud devices, Windows PCs, smartphones,
and tablets—regardless if the device is owned by the company or by the individual
employee. With CCM, administrators have access to a unified console that goes
beyond standard device management solutions by providing a complete view of the IT
infrastructure serving corporate users. The console provides visibility not only into
managed devices, but also insight into what employees have used them and what IT
assets have been accessed.
CCM Management Example: Have an employee who just lost their Cloud Connect?
No problem. With CCM, you can easily have all data on the Cloud Connect device
locked or wiped clean within seconds.
How to Get a CCM Account
Go to https://www.cloudclientmanager.com and click Editions & Features for everything
you need to register and obtain the CCM edition you want (Starter or Professional).
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