Administration and Troubleshooting 15
Topic: Applications that Do Not Install
Applications that declare touch, mic, and landscape orientation in Google Play will not
install on Cloud Client.
Workaround: None at this time.
Topic: Bluetooth Error Message While Pairing
During the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup, an error message may display.
Workaround: Re-do the Bluetooth scan and pair setup procedures as described in
"Step 2: Set Up Your Input Devices and Accept the License Agreement."
Topic: Windows Keyboard During Setup Wizard
Windows keyboards allow users to escape the Cloud Connect setup wizard using the
Windows hotkey. This is a hotkey issue which launches pre-programmed apps through
the Windows hotkey (the Cloud Connect Setup Wizard will continue to run).
Workaround: Do not use the Windows key with any other key during the Cloud
Connect setup. If you do, simply press ESC to exit the app launch and go back to the
Cloud Connect Setup Wizard (which continues to run).
Topic: Wi-Fi Setup Screen Turns Black
After resizing the display from LaunchPad, the Wi-Fi Screen turns black.
Workaround: Power cycle (reboot) Cloud Connect.
Topic: XenDesktop 7.0/7.1 Session Freezes
After connecting to a XenDesktop 7.0/7.1 environment, the session freezes.
Workaround: None at this time. We are actively working with Citrix to address this
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