AAdministration and
Use the information in this appendix for troubleshooting:
"Additional Details for MHL Use"
"Resetting to Factory Defaults"
"Updating Firmware and Apps"
·"Updating Firmware"
·"Updating Apps"
"Tested Peripherals"
"Known Issues and Workarounds"
Additional Details for MHL Use
IMPORTANT: MHL RCP support is limited (not all TV remote controls are compatible
with Cloud Connect).
In most cases, no external adapter power is required when connecting your Cloud
Connect to a monitor/TV using an MHL connection. However, there are cases when
the MHL power output used during pre-discovery (MHL low power mode) is not
supported by Cloud Connect, and external adapter power is required. In such cases,
you can simply connect the Micro end of the provided USB cable to the Cloud
Connect’s Micro USB On-The-Go (OTG) port, and connect the standard end of the USB
cable to a powered USB port or use a standard USB power adapter for smartphones.
Be aware of the following guidelines for MHL connections:
Two options for power can be used (for either option, the power requirement is +5V
·MHL power
·Micro-USB port to power
MHL low power mode (+5V 100 mA—used for pre-discovery in some cases) is not
supported and external adapter power is required.
Dell MHL monitors (used in Cloud Connect testing) allow 500 mA of power output
during pre-discovery to support Cloud Connect power requirements, and no
external adapter power is required.
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