8Chapter 3
Learning About Major Features (An Overview of Cloud Connect
The Cloud Connect screens allows you to view and manage your favorite Apps and
configure your desktop settings.
TIP: To scroll through the Home screen pages, simply click-and-hold the Home screen
while moving the mouse left or right.
IMPORTANT: If you need to re-set your keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi, and GMail account in
the future, you can return to the initial Setup Wizard (click Settings > Backup & Reset
> Factory Defaults) and follow the wizard as described in "Getting Started."
You can also add additional Bluetooth input devices (keyboard and mouse) by going to
Settings > Bluetooth > Search and following the wizard.
Home Screen
You can click the:
Apps icon in the top right corner of the screen to access the Apps available to you.
You can use the Apps directly from the All Apps screen or add them to your Home
screen for easy use.
TIP: To add Apps to your Home screen, simply click-and-hold the App icon.
Back icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to view the previous screen.
Home icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to view the Home screen.
Recents icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to view the apps that the user
has interacted with most recently.
Volume up and down icons in the bottom left corner of the screen to increase and
decrease audio volume.
Android System Tray area in the bottom right corner of the screen to quickly
access the following system settings available to you (click on the date area and
icons to expand the other settings available):
·Messages Area to view messages such as App updates available and so on.
·Connected as a media device to configure other USB options (such as storage
·Select keyboard layout to configure the keyboard language and input options
(such as English Android keyboard, Google voice typing, and various languages)
and physical keyboard options (such as keyboard brands, and Auto-replace/
capitalization/punctuation).USB debugging connected.
·Airplane mode to turn Airplane mode off and on (on suspends many of the
device's signal transmitting functions).
·Notifications to turn notification receive mode off and on (on allows you to
receive notifications such as CCM notifications).
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