3Tapping Into Your Cloud
Once your Cloud Connect is up and running, you can start:
"Using Your Apps"
"Learning About Major Features (An Overview of Cloud Connect Features)"
Using Your Apps
Home Screen
1. From your Home screen, click on the Apps icon in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Click the App you want to launch and use it (for details on App usage, see your App
vendor documentation). TIP: You can add Apps to your Home screen by clicking
and holding the App.
The following Apps are added to Cloud Connect after your initial use of the Dell
AppUpdater App (see "Updating Apps"):
CCM Agent TIP: Enterprise Apps can be selected from the CCM Inventory and
installed on Cloud Connect (see your CCM documentation).
Citrix Receiver
Citrix Sharefile
Dell Mobile Print
Dell SonicWall Mobile Connect
Google GMS
PocketCloud Explore
PocketCloud Remote Desktop Free
Resize Screen
VMware Horizon View Client
Recommended Software: To view pdfs and office documents on Cloud Connect
natively, it is recommended that you download the OfficeSuite 7 (free 10M+
downloads) app from the Google Play store (search pdf).
App Compatibility: Cloud Connect does not contain some hardware sensors
(accelerometers, GPS, built-in touch screen, etc.). Apps in the Google Play store that
declare the need for this hardware are not compatible with Cloud Connect.
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