Getting started
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Types of discs that cannot be
played by this unit
Any other disc that is not specifically
supported or previously described.
Region management information
The unit can play back BD-Video/DVD-Video
discs of the following regions codes, including
Example: BD-Video DVD-Video
The unit cannot playback DVD-Video discs in
PAL format.
Any DVD-R/RW/R DL, +R/+RW/+R DL and
CD-R/RW that are recorded by a recorder need to
be finalized by the recorder to play on this unit.
Please refer to the recorder’s owner’s manuals.
This unit supports high bit rate audio (Dolby®
Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD High
Resolution AudioTM and DTS-HD Master AudioTM)
adopted in BD-Video.
3D videos and 3D still pictures can be played
back when this unit is connected to a 3D
compatible TV using a High Speed HDMI Cable.
Music CD
Operation and sound quality of CDs that do not
comply with CD-DA specifications (copy control
CDs, etc.) cannot be guaranteed to work.
The digital audio content side of a DualDisc
does not meet the technical specifications of
the Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) format
so playback may not be possible.
USB device
Connect a USB device while the Home screen
is displayed.
This unit does not guarantee connection with all
USB devices.
This unit does not support USB device
FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems
are supported.
The USB port on the front of the unit supports
USB 2.0 High Speed and the USB port on the
rear of the unit supports USB 3.0 Super-Speed.
The USB port on the rear of the unit supports an
HDD formatted in FAT32 and NTFS. If the HDD
is not recognized, the power to the HDD may
not be supplied. Supply power from an external
It is not possible to use two USB devices
simultaneously. (>37)
For playback of 4K videos stored on a USB
device, use USB 3.0 port on rear of the unit and
USB device conforming to USB 3.0.
It may not be possible to play the above media in some
cases due to the type of media, the condition of the
recording, the recording method, and how the files were
The producers of the disc can control how discs are
played, so you may not always be able to control play as
described in this Owner’s Manual. Read the disc’s
instructions carefully.
Super Audio CD
Photo CD
Video CD and Super Video CD
Value Electronics
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