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Advanced Settings
Press [OK] to show the following settings:
hColor Mode
This setting is for selecting color-space
conversion of the image signal.
hDeep Color Output
Set the output method to be used when this unit is
connected to a TV that supports Deep Color.
hHDR/Color Gamut Output
Set the output type for HDR (High Dynamic
Range) material.
hSDR/HDR Conv. (Network Service)
When Network Service content is played back,
this converts SDR (Standard Dynamic Range)
content to HDR signals to minimize the screen
distortion that occurs when the displayed
content changes. (Available for some Network
Service contents only)
hHLG / PQ Conversion
Set whether or not to convert HDR (High
Dynamic Range) videos in HLG format to PQ
format before outputting them when this unit is
connected to a TV that supports only HDR (PQ)
When “HDR/Color Gamut Output” is set to
other than “HDR/BT.2020 (Auto)”, this setting
is disabled.
hHDR TV Type
Set the type of the connected HDR-compatible
TV. The operation of “HDR Optimizer” in the
“Video Settings” is optimized based on this
setting. (>27)
h25p/50p Output
Set whether to output 25p/50p/50i material on
Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray discs as 25p/50p
material when a TV that supports 25p/50p is
If you select “Off”, the output frame rate will
be converted to 30p/60p.
hHDCP Output Setting
If you connect to a TV that does not support
HDCP2.2 via an amplifier or speaker, some
images may be displayed as black screens. In
that case, select “HDCP1.4 Limit”.
hContents Type Flag
Depending on the playback content, the TV will
output adjusting to the optimal method when a
TV that supports this function is connected.
hAudio Output
This setting selects whether or not to output
audio from HDMI.
To enjoy audio w ith the HDMI t e r m in al, select
“On”. To enjoy audio with the OPTICAL
terminal, select “Off”. Audio will not be output
from the HDMI terminal regardless of the
settings for “HDMI(VIDEO) Output Mode” and
“HDMI(AUDIO) Output Mode”.
h7.1ch Audio Reformatting
Surround sound with 6.1ch or less is automatically
expanded and played back at 7.1ch.
If “Off” is selected, sound is played over the
original number of channels. (Note that in the
case of 6.1ch audio, playback will be at
Audio reformatting is enabled in the following
–When you have selected “PCM” in “Digital
Audio Output”.
–When the audio is Dolby Digital, Dolby
Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD or LPCM.
–BD-Video playback
*1 It displays images at the highest resolution available on
your TV.
*2 A high resolution image/display technology of
approximately 4000 (width) k 2000 (height) pixels.
*3 A progressive image recorded at a rate of 24 frames per
second (motion-picture film). Many BD-Video movie
contents are recorded in 24 frames/second in accordance
with the film materials.
Still Mode ( paused video )
Select the type of picture shown when you pause
Seamless Play
This enables smooth playback of the gaps
between pieces of content such as programs.
The expected effect may not be achieved
depending on the content.
If you select “Off”, playback will be accurate, but
the picture may freeze for a moment.
Auto Automatically selects the type
of picture shown.
Field Select if jittering occurs when
“Auto” is selected.
Select if small text or fine
patterns cannot be seen
clearly when “Auto” is
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