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Video is not output in 4K or high-definition.
hConfirm that “Video Format” in the Setup
menu is set properly. (>29)
hConfirm the HDMI cable, related connections
and the compatibility of TV video input.
To output images in 4K, connect the HDMI
cable to a 4K compatible terminal of the
connected device. (>10)
h[UB420] Set “HDMI(AUDIO) Output Mode” to
“Audio Only”. (>29)
hTo enjoy image in 4K (50p/60p), set “4K(50p/
60p) Output” to “4K(50p/60p) 4:4:4” or
“4K(50p/60p) 4:2:0”. (>29)
hIf “4K(50p/60p) Output” is set to “4K(50p/60p)
4:4:4”, check to see if the connected HDMI
cable supports 18 Gbps. (>10, 29)
hIf 4K images are not output from the
connected 4K-compatible TV, set “4K(50p/
60p) Output” to “4K(50p/60p) 4:4:4” or
“4K(50p/60p) 4:2:0”. (>29)
hWhen the unit is connected to a TV that
supports formats up to 4K(50p/60p) 4:2:0 or
“4K(50p/60p) Output” is set to “4K(50p/60p)
4:2:0”, material recorded in 4K(50p/60p)
cannot be output in HDR.
To play back material recorded in 24p, set
“24p Output” to “Automatic”. (>29)
Cannot output video in HDR quality even
when connected to an HDR-compatible TV.
hWhen connected to a device or terminal that
does not support HDR, this unit applies
Dynamic Range Conversion to HDR signals
to output them. In addition, depending on the
disc, it may not be possible to output content
in 2K resolution or perform playback correctly.
hVideo may not be output from your TV in HDR
quality, depending on the content.
[UB420] Set “HDR/Colour Gamut Output” to
“HDR/BT.2020 (Auto)” and “HLG / PQ
Conversion” to “Automatic”. (>30)
[UB320] Set “HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Output” and “HLG / PQ Conversion” to
“Automatic”. (>30)
3D video is not output.
hConnect to a 3D compatible device (e.g., TV
and amplifier/receiver).
hWhen a non-3D compatible amplifier/receiver
is connected between this unit and a TV, 3D
video is not output. (>12)
h[UB420] If there is a non-3D compatible
amplifier/receiver connected to the HDMI
AUDIO OUT terminal, set the “HDMI(AUDIO)
Output Mode” to “Audio Only”. (>29)
hConfirm the settings on this unit and the TV
for 3D. (>21)
3D video is not output correctly as 2D.
hSelect “Set before play” in the Setup menu,
and select “2D Playback” in the setup screen
displayed when playing 3D discs. (>32, “3D
BD-Video Playback”)
hDiscs that have recorded titles with Side by
side (2 screen structure) and that can be
enjoyed in 3D are played back in accordance
with the settings of the TV.
No picture is output from Netflix.
hWhen the unit is connected to a TV that does
not support HDCP2.2 via an amplifier or
speaker, it may not be possible to view
If HDCP2.2 is not supported by your TV, try
either of the following solutions:
Connect the unit and the TV directly.
(>11, 12)
Set “HDCP Output Setting” to “HDCP1.4
Limit”. (>30)
* This limitation is due to a specification defined by Netflix,
Press [RETURN] if a black screen is displayed.
Cannot play back videos on the USB device
hUse the port on the rear side of this unit,
which supports USB 3.0.
A black band is displayed around the edge of
the screen.
The aspect ratio of the screen is abnormal.
hAdjust the aspect setting on the TV.
There is a lot of image lag when playing video.
hSet “0” all items in the “Noise Reduction”.
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